Level up report


I have 6 different accounts of which I only use 2. The other 4 were challenge accounts such as
First player to hit level 20
First player with 2000cp pokemon


Only 2 Million left to level 40 :sunglasses:


This is kind of cool
I’m really close to 8,888,888 lol


Nearly double my xp…:joy:


I would ask how much money but that’s what Ash Ketchum would do. I’m no Ash Ketchum :sweat_smile:


Not quite yet. Friend XP has helped though, I’m 49.5mil now but slowed down on raids because the Regis aren’t doing it for me (plus just had a very busy couple of months).





New logo, and you changed your name in game!


Thanks @Thorend for the last 100k XP!


And @Pokemon for being a cool person that gave you another 100k :sweat_smile:.



That’s a big level up, Congrats!




Nice man




Here it is! :wink:


I have my account at 40, but had another one to kick me from gyms (stopped using it after a while, stayed at level 23 before I requested termination) and a Valor account Ive made just to use my Google account, got to level 9, terminated as well


Whoa you are a good player!


I’m so happy :smile: