Level up report


I hit Level 38 yesterday. I had been 37 since Thanksgiving so I’m not expecting to see Level 39 until the Halloween event.


And you have been angry because you had to start again? Hihihi, and now I have you at only one step behind me… :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Yesterday I became level 35


Just got to LVL 34!


Just wondering, why are you walking a lapras?


Mainly, I have nothing else to walk and it’s also my favorite Pokémon


Lvl 36 to 37 in 37 days (June 21st -July 28th 2M EXP)
Lvl 37 to 38 in 118 days (July 28th - Nov 23rd 2.5M EXP)
Lvl 38 to 39 in 28 days (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st 3M EXP)
Lvl 39 to 40 in 84 days (Dec 21st - Mar 15th 5M EXP)

Finally in the level 40 club! Even caught a shiny today!


I would like to get that Camerupt in your sightings…


My daughter’s account this morning…


@bobbyjack8 One thing: Where’s the buddy Pokémon??


Congrats and welcome to the club!


Finally hit lvl 36!! only 12,500,000 xp to go :expressionless:


Can’t level up, but I did hit 40 Million today so I guess that is something.


That’s more than something…


I’m only 10Mil behind that, recently went 30Mil


Just shy of 35m now. Waiting to hit double TL40.



And here I am … 2 month for the step…


My SS is too big but I hit 35


I hit 33 and im already on the half for 34 thanks to the event