Level up report


This topic is meant for posting your level ups. I am level 34 on my main and it will take a little while before I level up. But when the moment arrives I will post it here.

So post your level up here folks.

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I just hit level 37 on Thursday morning :grinning::+1:t3:


Just hit 34 this night! Team Valor


Lvl 27, dropping a lucky egg and evolving 6 new Pokémon tmw morning including porygon and that should take me to 28:)


I will get to lvl 29 today,while getting an Ampharos and a Tyranitar


This past Tuesday evening (23 May, 2017) during the Adventure Week event . . . I finally evolved a Charizard which put me into lvl 32!



Level 35 will be a long way but more adventure ahead can’t wait xDD


Congrats! We are the same level now!


Cheers let’s hitvhitvlevel 35 x


On the account of my daughter this morning:


Just hit 31 on the 31st of May. I hit 30 on the first of May so my goal is to hit 32 by the end of June. Half a million experience points every month seems reasonable to me, but I have to be just a little faster than that if I want to hit 40 before the next decade.


Just reached lv 32 yesterday! GIven the time it took me to get there, I should be hitting lv 33 on July 20th aprox


Reached level 35 on 23 of April.
Level up to 36 on 27 of May.


I expect some posts this week! :ghost:


On my alt:


Very good, @Cirithungolem, I hope this event will help me to publicate here my jump to 29


And finally I got to level 35 on my main today!!

Time my defenders get kicked out so I can maximize them.

Or not, depending on the gym rework and consequences…


Woo hoo had a all nighter in solomons island md it’s peaceful after 3am took 3 lvl 10 gyms down and caught around 300 Pokémon to finally reach lvl 37 This event is super easy to get xp I’m to old to do that again for a long while kinda paying for it now but time to hatch 2 10k eggs and hope for Chansey I did get a lapras out of 10k with WG/BLZ only 16 candys though bummer but I lvled up my good defender ! Woo Hoo again !!!


21 days later hehe!


Hi! Hit level 33 yesterday!! The solstice event have greatly helped to reach the goal! (my earlier calculations placed the mark on July 20th, so I’m more than happy with the event outcome :slight_smile: )

Now, off to lv 34 :v: