Legendary Lunch Hour #2 Announced


Often requests for changes or enhancements get more attention if a majority of the customer base requests them. I was just suggesting that it might drive (or at least affect) the way Niantic approaches it


And majority did request a better time
I dont think there was anybody who explicitly stated that he doesnt want a change (and in turn was the one guy Niantic actually listened to)
Locking them to wednesdays makes it exclusive to those who can play in the middle of the day in the middle of the week and not once gives a chance to those who cant
It seems the only person they’ve listened to was their worker that said “dont forget to switch the raid boss to that big bug, metal guy is long gone”


Our legendary lunch hour is over now. We got a group together and did 4 raids, I even got my first lucky friend by that (we didn’t trade yet, he had to leave quickly after the raids).
Again, I can only say: not playing? You don’t miss anything. Got time? Good…

No matter what Niantic changes about the times, there will always be people left out. It’s impossible to please everyone.
But cycling through the days of the week and maybe alternate between ‘legendary lunch hour’ and ‘after-work raiding’ at… dunno… 6pm? 7pm? (I know not everyone has the same work times…) would be a good start…


Just extending raiding hours from their current 7pm end to an 8pm end would effectively double or triple raiding opportunities for me and for others who can’t start playing most days until after 6pm.

When summertime stretches daylight hours past 8pm (even past 9pm all of July), the 7pm end seems all the more senseless.


Opposed to the first one, i could join in on this one.
3 people in a car, we hit 8 raids. Caught all, nothing special. The other 2 got a 98% and a 100% so they had more luck. Ill get mine from a lucky trade later on.


Yes and no… They should make them more time zone aware. I don’t know when raids start here, but they are already running when I wake up at 6am and the last ones end at 9:30pm. These times are absolutely OK, and I just don’t understand that they can’t have the same local(!) times everywhere…


9:30!?!? Wow. I’d settle for that in a heartbeat. Here in northern California, whatever raids are in progress at 7pm will be the last ones of the day. And usually all of that last wave of raids are finished by then.


Read something funny today.
In some places around the work the Ex Passes went out during the Lunch Hour Raids so mass Clock Blocking has happened due to all the extra raids put on for the Lunch Hour.


You mean this?


Well since EX-passes go out worldwide at the same time, i guess someones always gonna get that right? Its always 12:00 somewhere… The only fix would be to not have EX-raids on friday, since passes always go out 2 days before the next EX-raids


Or not having Legendairy Lunch and Ex-raids waves on the same day. Then 1 of the 2 (Legendairy Lunch would be the easiest one) should be moved 1 day.


I think Niantic have their head in the sand on the whole clock blocking issue so absolutely no thought would have been given to the Ex Passes going out and Lunch Hour Raids clashing.


I found a group who was raiding & got in on their last one of the lunch hour. We defeated Giratina & I fed it a silver pinap, threw a great curveball that hit, & I was bumped out of the catch sequence! I’m still really angry about it & don’t understand why it happened. My data is unlimited & solid


I wish the legendary raid hour was moved to the weekend preferably Saturday


That has happened to me before where is Skips the catching stage I don’t know why or how this happens but it’s always infuriating


I’m glad I’m not the only one to be screwed out of the chance of catching a defeated raid boss. It happened again to me but there were several other factors I wanted to mention, in hopes of avoiding any more repeated failed capturing of 4-5☆ T4 T5 bosses.


My location was near lake Michigan in a park where our cellular data’s been weak in the past. The 4☆Dragonite raid was available for entry during the end of Bagon community day. Two of the three players who were in the lobby went on to battle, my account froze up at the end of the countdown just as “GO” indicated battle start. We were so fired up/stoked after Bagon CD that snagging a Dragonite seemed like a great finale to our day none of us thought of the possibility of the server acting up or loss of connection since we’d been catching bagon there during the last 25min of CD. Any thoughts on why this is happening? How can I fix/avoid this in the future?


Did you lose any with good IVs?


I wasn’t able to catch any of em. My brother has a stronger acct than mine but the 3rd player is our friend who just got hooked on GO a few months ago & they couldn’t defeat Dragonite as a duo. @The Giratina raid, the local group that battled with me is on FB. Now that you mention it I want to know the IV of the final raid during lunch hour event that they captured & I’ll ask later today! Hopefully it was a low 60-70% & not a hundo! I didn’t grab a screenshot so IDK the CP Giratina had (sunny windy weather boost idk if that matters)


There is nothing you can do.
It’s server failure at Niantic’s end which regular CD players have become accustomed to sadly.