Latias and Latios Ledgendary Raids


Post you tales of joy or woe Raiding the new Legendary’s.

For me it’s Latias as the first one.
If I thought Kyogre was frustrating this ones making Kyogre look like it was fun.
My capture rate is not off to a good start and adding to the woe I’ve already had a 100% and a 98% run away.
Not sure if it’s just a bad patch faze but I’ve never missed so many throws as I have with this one.
At 3/8 and all the great ones running it’s become quite frustrating already making me not want to do as many Raids on a weekend as I normally would.


Battery dead.
It was maybe the only time i could obtain latias.


I’m 1 for 2 so far


I’m 0-3 on catching Latios so far.


Yeah I’ve been on a bit of a bad run too and just lost Mewtwo


I lost my first Mewtwo, but I have another pass to use today! Hopefully I get it!


Good luck


Caught one on my 7th raid. Lousy IV, but meh. It’s frustratingly small, active (lots of attacks and evades), and though its movements are similar to Swablu, it seems slightly further away.

Most people in my raid group quickly developed a “prefered position”. Either at the top of the screen or near the bottom. And I’d strongly suggest people to figure out for themselves which of the two makes it easier for them personally to even hit it. Why waste balls on a high Latias if you constantly throw short, or on a low Latias if you constantly throw too far? Better go for your safest area to throw.


Only added one more Ten Pin Raid since my OP and that was only because it was at an Ex Pass Eligible Gym.
The opening days frustrations with this one has had the effect of 1/2 as many Raids done as I normally would in the same time frame. Sitting on 4/9 and no good ones.
This has not worked out well for the other two coloured teams as I’ve been spending a lot more time working on Golding more Gyms where I would normally be Raiding.


I am currently 1 for 6 in catching Latios. My daughter is 0-3. At least my son is 4-6.


I’m at 1-1 for Latias😁


Thanks, I got it! Bad ivs, but heck it’s a mewtwo