Kyogre Raid: Hardest Legendary?


I find excellent incredibly easy to land when its in the middle (not to mention that Kyogre is huge, so throwing a small excellent isnt that difficult)

If its on the left, I can sometimes land it too, but no hope on the right


Kyorge pretty easy for me. Also catching is easy. Did one yesterday and today. Was harder to “catch” when distance was further. But battling and winning i don’t have any issues.

Takes 3 of my mewtwos out in a team of 18


I’ve had a lot more success with Kyogre than Ho-Oh tbh. I have seven decent to great IV Jolteons, and a few Zapdos that handle very well plus some of those Alolan Exeggutors have helped me, I caught so many to get the dragon bade that they are almost disposable against Kyogre, allowing me to save revives for my better Pokémon. The Blizzard ones are rough though, they tear through my Pokémon like crazy but still haven’t lost to it yet. Plus I’m a solid 8 out of 12 on catching it, no shiny though. I was 6 out of 15 on Ho-Oh, it puzzles me why though because Ho-Oh was easier to land throws on, my luck was just garbage.


In a team of 18? Are you surprised he only took 3 of your mons?


yeah i dont dodge my phone to slow


I dont either, but how can you lose so much inb18 people


guess they didnt use counters, sometimes i use 1 venu 2 mewtwo


The group I raid with hasn’t had a problem beating Kyogre. But, I’m having a devil of a time catching him. For whatever reason, I just can’t throw a pokeball that far sometimes and curveballs are an absolute no-go. I’m lucky that I caught him earlier today because this afternoon I was only able to hit him (which he escaped from) about 4 times out of the 12 balls that I had. Frustrated. I’m glad that I missed him the first go-around when people said that he was even farther out!


Weird, I often lose at least 4 Mons (especially against Blizzard) but I dont have many problems catching him, Ive only had like one of them run so far (and among the caught I had a few Pinaped ones)


I’m 3-11 on catching Kyogre. The only Legendary I have worse luck with is Latios. I’m 3-12 on him.


I am low on revives because of Kyogre, for 8-12 person I usually beat it on my second team.
Not only is it hard to beat, it is hard to catch as heck! I spent money for the raid pass for the chance to catch it but mostly end up frustrated. Hands down hardest to catch for me.


Caught a weather boosted 2861 kyorge today.


I have no problem finding or defeating Kyogre but after the first few days of seeing all the 2300 and greater CP run it’s put me off Raiding it and I can’t wait to see it go. There has been 5 days in the last 2 weeks where I haven’t even bothered to do a single Raid. My Raid numbers are roughly 1/3 down from where they normally are each week the last 2 weeks.
I’ll most likely regret not doing more Raids once it’s gone but atm it just doesn’t inspire me to Raid them to see every decent one run.


I saw 7 with 98% IVs and watched them all run. I feel your pain!


I still cant get a damn shiny and I have like 2 days left…


No shiny. My shiny luck is unseen.


Just updated my Raid Logs into my Spreadsheet
I’ve done 15 Kyogre Raids.
I got a Shiny the very first one I did on Day 1
I saw Shiny’s in my Raid groups at 5 of the first 6 Raids in the first 4 days
I have not seen a Shiny in any Raid Group I’ve been in from the last 9 (some have been big lobbies of 14-18)
I’ve 6 caught from the 15 Raids and 1 caught from the last 9 done.
My last 5 have all run,
It’s no surprise I’m salty on the Sushi and not currently enthused to do more.


3 Kyogre raids (all on Larvitar CD),
2/3, one shiny! The one that fled had the best IVs though.


Ive managed to score a shiny on the first week. Weather boosted and 14 atk, but only 80% overall. Since the last 4 days or so, I got only cringy IVs, and 3/4 ran away. Well, atleast they did not had blizzard, so my revives said a big thanks.
He’s going away this week, I guess, so my stats are (including the first Kyogre raids): 34/24, with 1 shiny. 70.59% catch rate.
Also, from these 24 caught, only 2 have 90%+ IVs!


I’ve been playing around with the Battle Simulator function in Poke Genie to see what Counters it recommends again Kyogre.
It’s got me questioning how reliable the suggestions are?
I’ve got 2 Groudon Maxed out to L40 both with Dragon Tail / Solar Beam.
98% 4060cp 14 Attack
89% 4036cp 15 Attack
The Simulator has chosen the 89% over the 98%.
Would the 15 Attack on the smaller do more damage than the bigger with one with 14 Attack?
At what IV deferential will the 98% 14 Attack out perform the smaller IV with 15 Attack?