January and February’s Research Breakthrough, quite the same as December’s…


I got an Articuno at midnight. No Sinnoh Stone though


Oh I know, but you can imagine my frustration when something that is supposed to be made docile dodges an Excellent throw, therefore breaking the streak.


… and my first Breakthrough was a Moltres. Wa wa WAAA. :frowning: lol


Two of my friends and myself broke our research streaks to get more chances on shinies… I myself only want a damn shiny Ho-Oh… They could have made Lugia and Ho-Oh single rewards for January and February… It’s just nonsense to keep repeating the same old legendaries in breakthrough boxes and make it even harder to finally get a shiny…
OK, so I opened my box 2 minutes after yeserday’s twitter announcement by Niantic (and I even restarted the game before that)… And I got another Moltres :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
My friends told me this morning they even waited a bit longer (about 10 minutes after the switch) and BOTH also got a Moltres…Did ANYONE get a Lugia or Ho-Oh?


I got Lugia today


Well, its a 1 in 8 chance that you get the one you want… Saw a shiny Ho-oh in my city btw so yes they are in there.


I dont mind the birds and beasts staying, makes it a 1/2 chance to get something good


Now they are…
But I learnt from that… Glitched research breakthroughs have happened before and will happen again… I will definitely NOT open the breakthrough boxes within an hour or so after the intended reward switch… I don’t want any more Moltres…
This won’t give me yesterday’s chance back, but so what… You live and learn…


Including shines 1 in 16


1 in 13. The beasts dont have shiny forms yet. Unless i missed something and they got rolled out with this research wave.


Still dont have shinies


Honestly from this whole thing, I want a great Raikou or a better Moltres.


No they didn’t you are right


We likely won’t see Shinies for those three until later this year. I’m assuming that due to the success of the Summer Events, we will have another big round of events that will have a Raikou Day, Suicune Day and Entei Day.