Items exchange option


i predict that when they realease deoxide they will realease the pokecenter, becuase they gona need to implament new tech, as deoxide switch forms and it dosent make sense we gona get each deoxide in diffrent form, so that new tech gona bring in my opinion the pokecenter.


By then i wont be able to play im Iphone5s

I’m sure the future of pokemonGo will have many different variations of our ideas. They just need to find balance.


ye testing and more testing is the keyword, and (for them) not to be afraid to try new things if that not work just reverse it, but if they wont test they wont know.


and btw you should upgrade to hawaii 10 plus it very cheap phone yet good my mother use and it have 3200 mha battery with super charger of 5a 5000mha in a hour i think in less then 30 min full battery.


They should even add a slot machien maybe 1 day free spin possible getting tm or rare candy or dust or xp.

This is Pokemon these guys are smart, our phones are the dumb ones that need to be able to handle all the cool stuff they have in store for us.


i’m getting iphone6 maybe august. But thank you for advice. But by then maybe 6 would be on chopping block.


ye tech move fast that why i decided i swap phone every year, i get mid price phone and then throw it in a year, but i will use everything i can with it from mobile charger to car charger everything to serve pokemon go, then throw it anyway tech nowday not build to last, use and throw that the new moto.


My sister works for Apple in cali so i get alot of free stuff. now she works for google. Maybe next she’ll work for niantic then ill fix the game for sure for everyone. I am for everyone to enjoy Pokemon Go.


wow ,altough my dream is to be a youtuber and travel the world but then again that nice job too :smile:more then nice nice isnt the fittng awsome is


Do it. Time is always on your side. Day by day plot how you will reach your goal. I’ll subscribe 100%


thank you my mom will probably will be so worry sick we are so close toghter i try imagine her if i go travel for jap for exemple if she wont demand to come with me she will probably take the next flight after me just from beining worry sick hehe i guess i could make her youtuber too :slight_smile: i already maked her pokemon go trainer


Facetime. trust i know how mothers are. Or yes make her a youtuber also who maybe talks a bout traveling so she has her own independent channel.

Sorry really dont want to get tooo off topic.


ye sorry about that if i start to be youtuber i let you know anyway i gota go start eat something and go catch some pokemons cu in a bit :slight_smile:


Easy there Dotan (dutch people reference)