Is Cresselia another Giratina?


Every 3 months to rotate forms would be reasonable. I’m not going to do the Math but a few Weekend Rotations is giving enough to time to get a minimum of 1.
It will never happen but the sooner they get to single day Ex Raids for Mon-Fri and 2x Ex Raids on Sat-Sun the better the system will be. 10 weeks of aggravating midweek Raid times to endure before 4 weeks of more flexibility in being able to make the times is sapping the enthusiasm to bother triggering.


They indeed need restructuring. They should also give out more passes.


Or at least have a bundle permanently in the store like they do with lucky eggs


My son and I did our first Cresselia Raids this morning and caught her both times. I think I’m done raiding this monster.


Ony raiding it, if it’s at ex spot


Got 2 weather boosted today so now I’m definitely done with it.