In game clock


I know you must be very frustrating. Besides testing on a new phone, you may test it on your tablet as well.


Yeah! should of seen my face when i woke up an it said i already had coins… ugh :man_facepalming:t4: plus i wont get adventure sync till tuesday!


my phone company offering me a free phone now as we speak. Also got 2 free gigs for 24 months. I guess the score rn Link 3 - niantic 2


They thought they Gg’d me Hoping different phone fixes problem!!


Nope other phone did nothing. Today is the 14th now.


Looks like its working now. I tried usinf another phone didnt work then tried my main phone and it worked. hopefully it stays good. It’s currently 12:07 am Monday so i missed all of sunday. Think ima relax off of Go for awhile.


E-mail nianic


Did that. Got no help, emailed multiple more times today. Hopefully this is fixed and wont happen tomorrow ( tuesday)


I have a video showing that even when it past midnight it didnt work(video was to big for forum and even to email to Niantic) but then it fixed itself. Didn’t miss streak neither weird since i did nothing all yesterday (sunday) because of it.


They emailed saying looks like the problem is resolved. :man_shrugging:t5:


It is fixed. I did get my coins,stamp, and raid pass. Hopefully never happens again.

Thank you all who tried to help me. Much love.

Now i just wait for my new phone😈

@Jormdeworm may close this now.