I wrote to Niantic and they replied!


I wrote to Niantic again and they replied again!


I wrote about these things:

  1. my Ursaring and my record for the longest time continuously defending a gym

  2. current gym system and how to improve it

  3. new way of getting PokeCoins

  4. Meowth Community Day

  5. PokeStop submissions

  6. Lucky Raid Pass.

I hope Niantic understands how bad the rural issue is now after Feebas Day
  1. I told them about my record, but they don’t keep track of the records. Here’s what they wrote:

We appreciate you taking the time to share the Pokémon that Defended the Pokémon so long. We have come across various situations where the Trainers were unable to get the Pokémon that was stuck in a Gym. This was because there were no much Trainers to attack the Gym. This led to the Pokémon defend the Gym so long.

  1. This is what I wrote:

There are two main problems with the current Gym system. First, this system favors too much players who live in big cities with lots of other players. Second, the way of getting PokeCoins is not great. As a consequence, in the areas where not many people play Pokemon GO, your Pokemon can stay in Gyms for days, weeks and months and there is no reward for that. It feels wrong that you want your Pokemon to be defeated so that you can receive PokeCoins as a reward. There should be a better system which rewards staying in the Gym.

I suggested new rewards:

There can also be other rewards for Gym defending like stardust, TMs, super incubators, rare candy, etc.

  1. & 4. I wrote:

And maybe you should consider giving the players other ways to get PokeCoins (as a reward for completing research, or some achievements such as catching x number of Pokemon, walking x number of kilometers, filling the Pokedex, or getting some PokeCoins from gifts, etc.). Here’s one cool idea: Meowth Community Day, exclusive move Pay Day, every Meowth you catch gives you a PokeCoin! If it’s shiny, you get more PokeCoins!


Niantic replied:

Further, with the current system of Defender Bonus, you can receive only 50 PokéCoins a day. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions regarding the changes for Defending the Gym. And glad to know the ideas to earn PokéCoins and the Community Day. Your feedback will help us improve Pokémon GO.

  1. I asked about PokeStop submissions. Will Pokemon GO players be able to review/approve PokeStops? When is the global release? Will it affect Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?
    They answered:

The feature to add PokéStop is still in beta. We are slowly expanding this feature to different Countries and levels. The PokéStop nominations are reviewed by the experienced users in the Ingress Operation Portal Recon (OPR) project. You can play Ingress and become an experienced high-level player upon which you may receive a chance to be a part of it. Further, we are unable to comment on the upcoming features.

  1. They seem to like my idea of Lucky Raid Passes.

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the alternative Raid Pass that will help Trainers when there are no Trainers to Battle. We will collect and use this information to improve Pokémon GO.


These are great ideas @Branebs!


Thanks @UltraInstinct841! :smile:


Nice work @Branebs What do think of this and is it in line with your suggestions?

You should be rewarded 50 coins a day even when your not got kicked out a Gym. That turns the disadvantage of being rural in an advantage. There are already so many disadvantages of being rural, that it would bring back a little bit of balance.


This is my idea
We get a different bundle of rewards depending on how much time you have defended the gym
Less than ten minutes: 50 xp
10 to 60 minutes: 500 stardust, 200 xp
1 to 5 hours: 20 Pokecoins, 750 xp, 1000 stardust
5 hours to 12 hours: 50 coins, 1000 xp, 1000 stardust
12 hours to one day: 60 coins, 1500 xp, 1500 stardust
1 to 3 days: 115 coins, 2000 xp, 1600 stardust
And so on. someone else can continue the list or add more rewards to the ones I already wrote. :wink:


Or another idea:

if you defended gym for less than a minute no pokecoins

if you defended for less than an hour you get a pokecoin for every four min

if you defended for less than a day you get 15 coins for every hour and a poke coin for every 4 minutes

a system like this could go on


I like it. My suggestion was to make the gym system more balanced and not to favor only players in big cities.


@UltraInstinct841 so you get the rewards after your Pokemon comes back to you? And what if several Pokemon get kicked out of the gym in one day? What would be the limit for the rewards? My Ursaring would bring me 1,000,000 PokeCoins and insane amount of XP and stardust. :money_mouth_face:


I don’t think there should be a limit but the rewards can just start rising in amount slower


@Branebs My solution:
10 coins a day for every mon in gyms and 50 coins upon return.


I can deal with that. I have 17 gyms right now and it would be nice to get 170 coins at midnight.


Good idea


I like it! It’s a mix of old gym system and current gym system.