I want an Armoured MewTwo


I wish International Raiding, just like International Trading would be possible…

Even if it could only be done once a month, where for example Best Friends or Lucky Friends with each other, like Player A is Lucky Friend with Player B and Player B is also Lucky Friend with Player C and so on… Could also be maximum of 10 or even just 5 Players and could do it in a time limited or turn limited scheme…

Because, what are friends for, if they could not do things they love to do… and PoGo being a virtual game should not always be tied in the physical world… Why? Since there are thousands of mobile and other games that compete with PoGo and not giving PoGo players enough reasons to be able to do what “could be possible” is like saying “PoGo is only for those who want to play the game as is as what the developer are wanting to give” and not what players should enjoy.


I only play with just my own account. But if I was in a place like @HLAJR, I’d be tempted to make multiple accounts.


@bagguille @HLAJR You’ve never tried to find a discord group in your area


Oh yes, I am in the local group.
But there are only two others posting…


Wow that sucks


Yes but still no active players using Discord here


Damn man Come to America and ill trade you everything and you need


Great great Thanks!

But that would be second to impossible physically… unless I spoof and I’ll be there in minutes :grin:


I’m lucky I’m in an active community. We are all on Discord now trying to decide if we want to do a BBQ or a pool party


That’s cool