I want an Armoured MewTwo


I want my first ever Mew 2 to be an Armoured one :rofl:


Well, looks like you’ll get your wish if you go out and Raid in about a week. XD


I hope so…


I would have been quite happy with shiny. But what the hell, bring on the armored.


I’ll be willing to wipe the armor clean and make it shine :grin:

As long as I got one of it, that would already be good enough for me…


I knew I was conserving passes and not Raiding as hard as I do most times for something.
I’m sure this will bend me over and not give me the 100% like it’s un-armored brother.


5 more sleeps


How could I get my wish if no one bothers to catch Mew2 now here near our location… :cry:


That seems unfair, at least terribly disappointing.

You’re welcome to share in our bounty - take your pick of mine. (Even if there weren’t thousands of kilometers separating us, can Mewtwos even be traded?)


Yes, they can. Only Mythicals outside of Meltan and Melmetal cannot be traded.


Why? It is worth it to raid just for the candy.