I think Raids will be disappear soon


The lowest possible IV from raid is 10/10/10, 66.7%
And, since Karps are common and legendaries are not, and tey give out 3.4 as much XP as a Karp does, unless they really need the candy for a Mew quest, they are more likely to spend their passes on a legendary > they possibly get better IVs


Its been almost a year since this post. I think its fair to say OP was wrong haha.


Yeah. Last time I checked, raids are still around


Karps are a great way to make use of your daily raidpass if you aren’t able to attend a Legendary raid. Whether that is because your schedule doesn’t permit on that day, or because there aren’t enough other raiders available (for that day, or ever).


Wait what, Gyarados raids? What are you talking about?


Lol Gyarados raids don’t even exist


I won’t spend a raid pass on something I already have. My kids started playing a year after I did, so raids were great for them to catch up with me. We are all to the point we just do Legendary Raids now exclusively. Got all our Magikarp candy to evolve a Gyrados now. But I have to do 8 raids and my kids have to do do 9 each before we go to next Mew hunt step.


Same i only do Legendary raids. Only time i do anything else is for Ex. But seeing as i alrdy got many mewtwo kinda dont care for ex anymore.


Ooooh boy, if we ever get Gible/Gabite/Garchomp raids… I will probably spend hundreds of passes just to get a shiny 100IV


Thats almost impossible, i dont even have a 100iv


Wasn’t that the Quest where you can just do the raid again and again to finish it?


You have to let that go man. It doesnt work anymore. You need to win it now to get it to count.


Guess i was lucky to get Mew before they fixed all the tricks. Now Celebi and those others are just money grabbers. Niantic at it again for da mula.


Not really. The goal was 10 raids. If you wanna spent 10 passes in 1 day to get a not so usefull pokemon thats your choice, but you wont die from just raiding once every day and then completing the objective.


No, he didnt spend 10 passes, only 2…


Yes but im talking about future objectives where you will need to spent as much as the objective tells you to.


I figure me and the kids can get the 10 raids done in about 2 weeks. We normally do 3-5 a week but I guess we can do a few more to finish getting Mew.


Blissey Raid bosses would be dope!!
Blisseys in the wild are extremely rare.


The problem is that blissey raids would be extremely easy due to the way raid bosses’ stats are calculated, I think it would be possible to do a tier 4 blissey with 3 people relatively easily


I did a Rhydon raid with 3 people