I caught my first Lugia!

And I caught it with the last ball after three times failing… But finally got him so I’m happy enough.

I’m now waiting for the shiny one

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4/4 so far with some truly horrible throws…no shiny yet unfortunately

Im dropping coins like no tmrw. Well played Niantic. Well played.

NO more coin for dem. Just got my shiny weather booster lugia.

It took me 22 Lugia raids and I finally caught a shiny on my main account. phew

5 raids, 4 catches including 2 shiny Lugia. One sucked the other was a perfect beast! Thanks to my friend who snagged my tablet and hit the EX gym raid and caught it for me when dad duty called!


Damn, it amazes me when i see powered legendarys.

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I won’t be able to beat lugia still :frowning:

I caught my first Lugia is shiny Lugia I caught it in first ball


Hard to not catch it on the first ball

It has 100% ctachrate if shiny


Pinap all shinies. :weight_lifting_man:t4:‍♂️

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