How would Alakazam fare against MewTwo?


I’ve been slowly building my team to battle MewTwo and have a good start so far, but have been curious how Alakazam with shadow ball might fair if I put him on team 2 perhaps. Would it be similar to Gengar or would it be a waste of space?
I do have the main counters, a couple ttar, Houndoom, etc. just curious about this Pokémon. Thanks!


He would be okay on attack, but get knocked out probably on Mewtwo’s first charged attack.


Thanks for the reply @bobbyjack8


as @bobbyjack8 said,you can make use of the attack…
no STAB tho!!
But still every super effective charges count!!!:+1:


If you use Alakazam, try to dodge the charged attack.


You would need to be very good at dodging.
It’s a pity the Wizard is so fragile and cant take a hit.
It would interesting if it could inflict more damage against Focus Blast MewTwo than Tyranitar as both are OHKO.


My highest level has confusion, but I also have one lower with psycho cut. With my luck I bet psycho cut is best lol. Have one other decent level but with confusion/future sight.
I have just started getting into this aspect of the game. My plan being start a Machamp army for ttar then build that for MewTwo. The ultra bonus release of him came before I completed all of that though lol. We tried today to see where we were and got him to yellow, almost red. Not too bad with 4 people. My account having the best, my friends close to mine then two lower levels without much in the way of counters.
Really hope ttar is back in raids soon so we can build out teams on up. Being a rural player this seems to be the best way to compete on higher level raids.


What you’ve listed is a great plan but sadly it’s really too late to do much about greatly improving your MewTwo counters now. By the time you’ve got somewhere MewTwo will be gone for the time being. No doubt it will return at some stage so stick to that plan on order to hit the ground running next time.
Work on the Machamps ready for Tyranitars return to T4 Raids.


Indeed @NotanotherKangaskhan. I have my Machamps ready and waiting for ttar to show his face again. I can’t wait.
I do have a few ttar, my best with the right moves is a shiny, which kind of lets you know how my Ivs aren’t the best, but the moves are right. I also went wild on the Houndoom spawns a few weeks back so have a nice pack there. I wish I had started my plan a few weeks earlier at least, but as you said I’ll be ready for the future.
So glad I found this aspect of the game. Really makes it even more exciting than before, and I already loved it.


It’s hard work and time consuming work planing for and working on the Counters for the next thing when that is not always known. I used to be caught in the cycle of frantically working on counters while the current Legendary was out and I was always struggling. By taking a punt on speculation of the next thing coming out I was spending my time working on the next Counters required. Got lucky with speculation being correct and hit the ground running with some really good counters and while the Legendary was out I was able to make them even better and also at the point where I could work on the next ones as well.

I’m fairly well setup now with most things that get released. The only thing I’m not very well prepared for is Focus Blast Mew as after so many Ex MewTwo Raids I never got anything I considered worthy of Powering up and I total missed out on Gengar with Shadow Claw in the early days :slightly_frowning_face:

There will be other Pokemon that come out that will supersede what I have but what I have will do the job until I can catch and build up the better ones.


@Tumblingdice03, if you are planning to use Alakazam or Gengar against Mewtwo raid boss, you need to put them in the first 2 slots of your battle party.


Any particular reason for that? @Mew1


Because they are glass cannon, you want them to fire their own charge move before Mewtwo fires its own charge move and they will faint.


Makes sense. Every little bit of extra damage helps.
I might do some experimenting with some maxed out Hex/Shadow Ball Gengar I have at the front of the que.


If I could add to all the above, dont lose your hope if you want zam in your team as a ghost attacker it will still have use for deoxys raids since its same counters for both


Always an option as well. They just as added deoxys. @Tumblingdice03


Thanks for all the help and great information.


This is debatable really, havent tried myself but people recomends gengars in 2-3 slot if m2 has confusion, that way gengar has bit more time to do some damage


Before the raid starts, no one would know what moves the raid boss would have exactly, trainers might assume based on the Pokémons the game suggests. Since it takes time for Mewtwo to charge energy to fire its charge move, it is recommended that glass cannon like Gengar is put at the first slot, hope it can fire its Shadow Ball before Mewtwo fires its charge move and causes Gengar to faint.


Yes but in case of confusion theres only a couple scenarios where you be able to shoot 2 SB at m2, 1 sb from 1 gengar isnt efficient enough