How will trading work?


How exactly will it work? Niantic says it will be trading with local peeps, and not all over the world. But, what if I made two accounts, then suddenly, I encounter a Dragonite. I would catch it in both of my accounts, then trade one to the other account. Wouldn’t it be unfair for people who have only 1 account? And if trading a Pokemon has rewards, like 10 stardust per trade, theoreticallly, I would have infinite stardust. Thoughts?


Adding link trade is better for trading and evolution.


Yes it is unfair, but I don’t think it is fair to speculate on things like multiple accounts which is a violation of the terms of service.


Someone who start over the game again also have 2 accounts.(the 1st account is not banned by Niantic)


It is unfair for people with only a single acocunt, maybe put a trade cap each day.


There would more than likely be a trade cap, like 5/10 a day.


Even legit players hold 2 or more accounts.


1 Pokemon can be traded each day


There was some speculation I saw awhile ago that trading would only be with your own coloured team. A lot of the multiple account holders have them in different colours.


Wonder trades also should be added


Simple, you can only get Pokémon that wouldnt be over your level, example: A level 6 player cant get a level 34 Tyranitar, but a level 33 player can


My level 7 account has a level 20 alakazam…
Raids give level 20 regardless of the level of your trainer


That doesnt change what I said about trading at all