How was your Zapdos Day?


Not gonna get any. Found a level 36 player but as I’m 34 we could not duo. It should be a hard 3 star. Possible to solo, but kinda hard and two level 30s can win.


Sorry for the uncertainties. I was referring to this.


10 for 10
1 shiny


Did 6 Raids (Supposed to be 7, since my unused free daily pass glitched when my game crashed on the first raid). 6/6 Caught, 0 shinies, a 96% with 15 ATK.
Congrats to those who got a shiny!


0/0 raids. 0 shiny. Congrats to those who got a shiny. I still have 1 hour 20 minutes left in my event but oh well. Calling it quits on this event!:grin::grin::grin::money_mouth_face::slight_smile::hugs:


Weather Boosted Shiny!!!:smile:


We all feel your happiness.


I still have 5 minutes left on my Zapdos day…


You cant have 7 free passes on days like these. 6 is max
1 from friday, 5 from saturday.


It was possible to get about 10-12 free passes


29 seen
27 caught
2 shinies
100% regular
91% shiny
108 zapdos candy
340k xp
All catches were weather boosted


Bought one extra


Spoofers could I think


You probably did a raid yesterday


More like changing timezone.




Does anyone else question how zapdos is a dual flying and electric type, yet cannot learn a flying quick OR charge move???


Well I have no idea why. Zapdos is more electric than flying and it was Niantics choice.


Really weird tho


Would you want a flying type Zapdos, but whenever you get one that has a flying move you switch it with a tm? Pure electric moveset is impossible not to have which I like.