How was your Moltres Day?



3/6 Is something to be proud of.

Hi, @vorgriff3 :star_struck:,


Oops - been too busy for much play the last couple of weeks to do much more in the game than sustain the daily spin/catch streaks. Even forgot there was a ‘moltres day’ or which day it was for our region.

Sounds like there was more enjoyment than displeasure, though, and that means it was a shining success.


Ikr, what is it that Iphone does that Samsung can’t get wrong with Pokemon Go? Samsung nor Iphone even OWN it, so there is no advantage over the other.


I got super lucky with 6 shiny Moltres, best IV shiny was 91 and best non shiny was a 93. Our driver was pretty awesome/intense (@Thorend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and we nearly battled all the gyms in our area :beers:


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