How was your Moltres Day?



How can you be rich enough to have 5 phones…


He might of been playing on his families accounts on their phones.


My Moltres day wasn’t the best, 10 raids, 0 shiny and only caught 4 of them.



Better than mine :sweat_smile:.


Yeah, but I feel bad for Mystic7, I don’t even know how many raids he did and got 0 shinies without trade.


Feel bad for me I wasnt even able to do a raid :stuck_out_tongue:.


Now I really feel bad, for you, but I didn’t do that much of Articuno or Zapdos day.



For Articuno day, the one raid I would win, halfway through I had connection issues, and i saw everyone else catching it.

So no rewards or anything for any of the legendary days.


Yeah, that’s unfortunate.


And the accounts of my Taekwondo Teacher


:rofl: Wow you guys all play :astonished::hugs:


My Judoka plays Pokémon GO :joy:


28 raids done, my group did a total of 38. I had serious GPS issues due to having my own phone having to act as hotspot. Missed out a lot of raids. In the end very happy, but missed out on more xp/dust/possible shinies
Got 3 shiny though. Everyone in the group had at least 3 IIRC.


38 raids? Did you drive and go?
Congrats though, many had gps issues but you did very well with 28 raids.

Lots of shinies for your group, glad you had a good time :grinning::+1:.


@Thorend and @PhilosophyLady , how was your Moltres Day? :thinking::grin:


record for our city was 40 raids. And yes, we do drive and go. but we queue, battle, and thén drive, catching while we move. The real WaFu raiding they start driving during the battle, we drive after.

we started with 16 accounts, ended the last 8 raids we were with 11. that and my own gps issues lost us some time, so we could have made the 40 raids easy with a bigger group / less gps crap.


Some friends I play with occasionally did 48. 8 accounts (2 each). All caught, no Raid and run if rubbish.
Win raid and move straight to the next one, catching and healing on the way. First ones ready jumped in the new Gym to start the count down ASAP. Any healing required was finished while under count down.
All were L40 with maxed out Ttar Double Rock so battles were short.


It was good. Got in 37 raids. I managed only a single shiny Moltres and my Best had catch had 91% IVs. Regardless we had an awesome ground and were able to hammer out a massive number of raids that day.


very nice. Gym density does a lot here. I assume ours is lower since we can’t reach that amount of raids and have to travel too much.


I got 6 Moltres total. I also helped a player stuck at work with catching on his iPhone. Was weird how iOS catches smoother…

My 3rd Moltes in was my first shiny, it was 96% IV! perfect HP and Attack, 12 in Defense.
4th and 5th Moltres were also shiny, each progressively worse in stats.
THREE SHINY back to back! Last one was pretty solid but not shiny.
Had 4 avoid capture :frowning:

The Network Error 2 shit during the event sucked. I lost out on another Premium Raid Pass.