How was your Moltres Day?



2 out of 2, 1 shiny. More than happy, filled a space in my dex, finally!


4 moltres, no shinies.


8 raids. Caught 6, but no Shiny. My son caught 2 Shinies and was 7/8 on the raids we did.


6 raids, no shiny, all Moltres caught are weather boosted, saving some dust


22 raids. 17 caught. 7 were shiny. (I even had a run of 3 in a row) The Big Pink Fire Chicken was very kind to me today.

#47 was your best a shiny?


For Moltres day i decided to go on a bit of a grind and ended up doing 33 raids, catching 25 of them and i got 6 shinies


I did 18 raids with 7 accounts.I was playing with 5 accounts :rofl::rofl:


Didn’t even realise until after I’d caught it (was too busy walking back to the car to pick up the rest of the raid team from the gym - managed to do two raids during A Japanese festival that was happening at the local show grounds…)


5 accounts…
How you have that many phones


His family plays, and he has 2 different accounts besides his three family members.

@Punica or @Kevin_v_Hoften am I right?


What IV is that 1846 shiny?


@Punica even saw i had 5 accounts :rofl:


Wow, you did that raiding thing he said?


Nope,we were at a raid,then he showed up with 2 accounts.:grin:


Wow its cool knowing someone irl and go hub.


89% with 15 attack


Nice, will you power it up?


Eventually, once i’m satisfied that i have enough stardust to go on a lengthy spending spree (at 1.3 million rn, aiming for 2 million)


Well just do the grind today I guess.