How was your Mewtwo Month?


Shouldn’t you be spending every Community Day minute catching Belgium’s not Waste potentile Possible Shiny time doing Raids?


I’ll do the raids before the CD starts


I want to catch Belgium!

I’d bet if I caught it I would get all the shiny beldums that live there!


Dont! I need to travel through Belgium first. When i am past Belgium you can catch it :ρ


You want to catch Belgium in Beldum! :rofl:


Dont! Ill be trapped



Brobraam how many more hours?


3 hours
French border is within 20 km
Im near Kortrijk
Pictures Will be in the dutch chat


@Brobraam what is going on with you? Are you OK?


I am fine :joy: who is not when they are going to Disneyland (Paris)?


I’m going to name my first shiny Beldum, Belgium.


Good luck with that


Got this guy in a raid right before event started. Weather boosted!


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