How many gold gym badges do you have?


28 gold gym badges. 3 are new ones. :medal_sports:


Nice work @bobbyjack8 and @Branebs keeping chipping away at them.

I added another Friday night for 158
It might take a few days/week before the next cluster start to near Gold.


32 gold so far, can’t work on gyms too much during CD, catching CD Pokémon is more of a priority.


One of my long Grind Gyms finally went Gold for 159


3 more went Gold in the last 12hs taking the tally to 162


Another one yesterday for 163


Wow! So many Golden Gym!

I only have 1 though and the best part of it, I do not know yet how I did it! :rofl: Honest!

Anyone would bother tell me how that happens? the gym to become golden?


How to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges
Level up Gym Badges by performing the following activities:

Adding Pokémon to the Gym (+ 100 Badge XP)
Holding a creature at the Gym (+1 Badge XP per minute)
Defeating a defending Pokémon (CP of Pokémon defeated divided by 100)
Winning a Raid battle (+ 1000 Badge XP)
Giving Berries to Pokémon held at the Gym (+ 10 Badge XP, as well as 20 Stardust and a possibility of Candy)

The tier requirements are as follows:

Badge Additional XP Total XP
Bronze 500 XP 500 XP
Silver 3500 XP 4000 XP
Gold 26,000 XP 30,000 XP


I can see myself getting #48,#49, and #50 this weekend.


After the gym badge becomes gold, if you keep performing those activities on that gym, that gym xp will still increase and rank higher among your golden gyms.


Most of my Gold Gym Badges still get daily activity. I slowly branch out from those already established gyms to get new Gold.


Correct. Your order when you select sort by Points will change.
I really wish the Gym XP was visible on the Badge. Not only for giving an indication on how much more you ned to get the 30K for Gold but to see what your highest one is and how many times over you’ve Golded it.


Thanks! Now I know… so I think my mons being 100days in that sole gym I have turned to gold make the most points, besides feeding (dumping) nabnab berries in there to free my storage :grin:


Closing in on some gyms on my alternative routes to school


Yeah, I agree. The current 3 fields under the gym badge do not reflect the actual gym xp progress toward the gold gym badge or how far beyond the gold gym badge. You can have gold gym badge with all 3 fields being 0; you can also have gold gym badge with 0 victory on that gym.


@UltraInstinct841 what about you?


I have 6 gold badges


Another long Grind one went Gold after a berry dump today making it 164 now.
The Spoofer that lives near this Gym must be Spoofing some where else over seas again atm so I managed to get a few days in row to help finish it off.


How do you know of the spoofer?


He was part of our original Raid and Ex Raid research group.
When MewTwo Raids were still in the Beta testing faze two very trusted and respected members of our group saw his Japan caught MewTwo on his acct at Raid one day. He never left the state yet the country. When questioned about it he spilt the beans.

He was booted from the group and deleated his Discord acct before he was permanently banned from that too. He lives a couple houses down from that Gym.