How many gold gym badges do you have?


All four of the above pushed over the line from Sunday to today.
Up to 144 now.

Only 1 getting real close now. I’ve got 11 between 50-80% Silver on the way to Gold.
Found a Gym I’ve never been in before that only had 1 Pokemon in it that’s been in for 3 1/2 days. It’s in area that’s not easy to get near by Car and the closest you can Park near is about 400m away. A very low foot/bike traffic area. This will be interesting how long I stay in before having to return to put one back in. There is no way I will be doing this one at night due to the area and its location. Daylight hours only this one.


I just got #45


Number 146 clicked over Gold tonight :grinning:


#46 yesterday!




@Thorend do I have to classify this topic as “bragging rights” or can it stay as it is?


Just one of the 73 gyms I visited is Gold. The second one is close to it. I know. I’m lazy. :crazy_face:


2 more clicked over today taking the tally to 148.
Should get to the 150 in the next 2 weeks or before if I have some luck staying in some for longer than they’ve been trending. Going for the stretch target of 160 before end of year now.


I got my third 2 weeks back.

This gym is the one only 45 minutes away and i’ve been walking there for over 2 years.
The turnover is insane due to the amount of cars (HUGE street, very popular), and it is easy to pull over and add.
I got it I guess by the 100 points awarded for an add. The longest a mon has stayed was one night or 15 hours and that was a record (Christmas).


I actually have long way to go for #47😕


After you earn gold badge for that gym, will you continue to battle and put your mon there?


Yes, it is my only gym near me.


Most of them I don’t unless they are on my direct path to work on days I work. Or if they are on my kids’ way to school on my off days.


So that means you need to go out of ways to battle gym and turn them gold


Yes. Anything now I have left to turn to gold, I have to make a special trip.


That’s the same thing I’m going to do now


2 long grind Gyms went Gold yesterday after doing a few Berry dumps during the course of the day. 80 into one of them and only 40 required for the other. Both came back as expected within hours of going Gold.

Total at 150 now. The chase to get the stretch target of 160 by end of year is now on.


I got 6

I don’t really take as many gyms as i used to. I before would take an entire area just for fun. Now i just go for my coins and if it’s ex spot.

My gameplay changed so i don’t get as many gyms. If i decided to take gyms like crazy, i surely would have more gold badges.


At what number of Gyms do you consider take Gyms liker Crazy @5GodLink ?


Well, 10+ is excessive. Not to mention i mean KEEP them. Feed them. Never let them get even close to near knockout😏