How many gold gym badges do you have?


Huh, how can that happen.


Niantic is wack :yum::yum::yum::sunglasses:


possibly from complaints of local residents. We had the same happening to a gym close to where i live. Apparanly they didnt appreciate 40 people standing in their alley before a community day :sweat_smile:
Lucky for me i got it gold 1 week earlier. Turned back to a stop aswell and a different stop turned into a gym.


It’s actually even funnier.


I thought it was me, but near me there where 2 gyms and a stop in a row. Now the gym is a stop and the stop a gym.


One more!

Brings my Number to 17


Not many days, victories or treats indicates you’ve Raided that one a fair bit to get Gold :grinning:
Nice work.


I’m still at 42.


Stuck on 128
A lot of progress made on quite a few but none real close atm.


I only have one that I’m currently close on. Maybe a few days. I put a monster in there this morning. But any others, I’m more than a week away.


Got #43 today.


getting close


Ok give minutes later i got there


44 now


Never gotten that message🤔


Sometimes I get the gold gym badge message, sometimes not, weird


Got another 6 across the line while pushing a lot of new starters along nicely with repeat MewTwo Raids on them.

Up to 134 now


137 now including one that was close I hadn’t touched for over 3 months because it’s close to home and knew I could finish it off any time. It started to bug me so I got it out of the way.
Making some good progress on others as 75% of my MewTwo Raids have been on non Gold Gyms. I’m Raiding those as a priority over ones I’m Gold.


Still at 44, but I’m really close to #45 and might get it today depending on how long I hold the gym.


Up to 140 now.
3 went Gold over the last few Days.
Got 1 that’s very close and 3 others that don’t have too much to go but will take a bit of work to push them over the line. After doing over 100 cat Raids I’ve now got quite a few 25%-70% the way through Silver on the way to Gold.
I’ve set myself the challenge of getting to 150 by end of year. I may have aimed a bit low so the stretch target is 160.