How many gold gym badges do you have?

Time for last 14 days update.

#697, #698, #699, #700, #701, #702, #703, #704, #705, #706 & #707

4 of that group were Golded in one complete sitting. 3 were no surprise as the were in remote regional areas but the 4th was only 5 min from home and a newish Gym accessible from a parked car.
3 of the others were a slow chip away in an area where someone who’s not all there in the head thinks they own the Gyms. It was fun making them drop whatever they were doing to go back and take them at all sorts of hours.

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Got #141 gold today, it’s a new gym in the same park as #128 and #129, 2 gyms and 5 pokestops can be reached at the same time if parked at the right spot, which is very nice to restock items.

My mon was able to stay overnight and fed some berries, it turned gold before being kicked out.

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Got #142 gold today, it’s the first of 4 gyms that are out of my normal playing route and first of 2 next to each other in a small park.

My mon was lucky enough to stay at the gym for one and half day the other day, a raid there today pushed it gold.