How many gold gym badges do you have?


I have 2, but both I never visit because they are in gated communities I can not access. One was in a gym for 3 months and one was in a gym for 1, but battled there.


Ooh, EX raid. Will you attend or did you attend.


Only 4 here. I’m more searching for the shinies atm.


Got #35 yesterday.


3 more got there over the last 4 days.
Up to 110 now.

My difficult one is making excellent progress after it got 9hrs in one day over the weekend. 30mins to 3hrs is normally the best I can do on that one in one sitting. Its a race to see if the hrs in will beat a 1000 berries thrown before its Gold.


That’s awesome, you’ve got gold in as almost as many gyms as I have visited! I’m starting to have to venture out 15-30 miles from home to get to new gyms, that’s the trouble when you don’t live in a city with hundreds of gyms.


32 golden Gym badges.Im proud of this golden gym 2 weeks!


I have 4


I have 154 Gym Badges with 35 Gold.


You must have done a lot of Raids on the Gym as #111 clicked over for me this morning and I have similar hours in but check out the Fruit salad thrown and battles. I did 6 Raids on it.


Just 11, 3 in my hometown, 7 around where I live and 1 in a nearby town that Im slowly expanding


I have 36 gold gyms, im racing with someone within our raiding group, the first to 75. In our town there are 33 gyms, im gold on 29 of them.
I like looking and finding gyms that you can stay in at a week at a time…


140 here, moving swiftly to 150 - no spoofing. In The Netherlands, so not in ‘far away countries’.


Lol. Where in the Netherlands do you live? (I live there too)

By the way, I am at 15 gyms. Long live the massive number of gyms in delft, The Hague and in between.


I did 20 raids on it


Still only at 35 gold. I’m really close on a couple though.


Only 1. The one at the local park. My alolan raticate defended the gym 5 times alone… over 48 hours. The nearest place is a school… they are on holidays. The rat got 80 berries on those hours. The last time i had checked it was with 333 cp. :smile:
I have 4 other silver, still a very long distance from gold.


Number 113 clicked over yesterday. It’s been a slow grind over the few weeks as I’m working on a few very hard ones close to work atm only getting 1-3hrs at a time. A heap of new Gyms around home have everyone jousting for spots also.


I havr 2 gold badges and one all l did was leave a pokemon there. The other, I have left pokemom there many times.


I have 25 gold gym badges. :1st_place_medal::trophy: