How many gold gym badges do you have?


Got #93 gold today, it’s next to #91 in the same shopping plaza, can reach both at the right spot. Took the gym before Roserade raid and caught it with premier ball, it’s special feeling to encounter and catch Roserade because it’s only from evolution before.

After these 3 #91 92 93 gold, need to move to another area to work on brand new gyms.


#400, #401, #402, #403, #404, #405, #406

400-403 went Gold 2 weeks ago.
404-406 went Gold over the last 4 days.

Did a recon of all the suburbs between home and work and found over 20 new Gyms that weren’t previously there 3 months ago.

Town 5 now 3/4 with 4th proving a headache
Town 6 now 2/6 with 3 not started yet
Town 9 now 3/4 with 4th a bit to go
Town 10 now 4/6 with last 2 slow going

New Gyms 1 is 12/13 with 13th half way but easy
New Gyms 2 is 1/9
New Gyms 3 is 0/10



Edit: miscalculated; 36


46 out of 269. Two more are pretty close to becoming gold, but they’re a little out of the way.


Turned #112 Gold this evening


#407 & #408

Both from New Gym 2 group to be 3/9.
Not getting a lot of stay in time from the ones I’ve been working on while the hours v coins trial was on going.
Now it’s changed again to be easier to collect the Maximum 30 from Gym activity I’m hoping my in time will increase a bit again.





Battled the 2nd Pokemon in the Gym and it was enough to turn this one Gold in Area 2. 23/30 there now with a couple more getting close.
Found 3 new Gyms in Area 1 while going to check on one of the 4 I had remaining in that Area.


Won’t take long for those two


I can’t count. 40


Wait until you get many more.
That’s why I started a Spread Sheet to track mine.
I was losing count when scrolling the list.
That and now I’ve interacted with well over 1000 Gyms some of the Gold ones I haven’t interacted with In a long time will start to drop off my list in game at some point.


#410 & #411

Both from Area 2 to be 25/31.
Found I didn’t have one of the oldest gyms in the area to do list in my spread sheet so that bumps Area 2 up to 31 from 30.
Another week or 2 should see a cluster going Gold in close succession.



All 13 in New Gyms 1 now completed.






#413 & #414

2 more from Area 2 to 27/31.
One more there should go Gold before weeks end while the other 3 are a long slow grind and are only a bit into Silver.


This must be low turnover gym.



28/31 in Area 2 now with another going Gold this morning after a Berry feed.
3 in Area 3 are very close now after Raid hour.


Turned #113 gold today.



First Gym from New Gyms 3 to go Gold to be 1/11.
Lost all 3 close ones in Area 3 yesterday afternoon. I’ll head down after work and hope to catch a Raid and/or take them back for what hopefully will be the last time required.