How many gold gym badges do you have?


Days I’m not at work, I do short run between local gyms to get 20 gifts to send out. Only on my work days, do I bother going out to take down gyms.


Got #86 gold today, this is second gold gym (#85 being the first) in a new city. My mon has been there for 2+ days and still there as of now. Did a raid and feed some berries, it’s enough to push it gold.


#378, #379, #380

All from the randoms collection over the Fri-Sat-Sun.
Finishing #380 took a bit longer as spoofers started hitting this gym in the last week. Caught them out on 2 occasions.
9/14 on the randoms with 2 almost half way through Silver.



Another in Town 7 Golded. 17/40 there now.


Got #87 gold today, this one is special as I was going to skip it because it is located in a drive in theater and it is open for business whenever I pass by under normal circumstances, I had no way of getting to the gym while it’s open. Now the theater is closed due to the pandemic, so I’m able to reach the gym from the parking lot. I never did a single raid at the gym, only by battling, dropping Pokémon and feeding berries.

This gym is not far from #84.


#382 & #383

One from Area 1 to be 27/31. A 2nd from there came back today and only needs 1 more day.
The other from what I previously called Randoms to be 10/14. I will now call this group New Gyms 1 as 3 additional new ones have popped up in the home area in the last week with a few more expected going by Discord chat on Wayferer submissions.
I’ll start a new group calling it New Gyms 2.


#384 & #385
#384 is part of a group of 4 I’ve classed as very hard to get at and do. Dumping berries as soon as I got in and every 30mIn until booted helps.

Covid-19 restrictions and the range extension have helped with another previously locked behind a gate from 9am - 4pm now permanently locked. I found a spot outside the fence with the extended range I just reach so I’m now in that with something that’s been in there 50 days.

#385 is from Area 3 to be 10/22


#386, #387 & #388

#386 is the first of 5 in Town 5. This only required something to be put in a second time. 2 long stays got it done.

#387 & #388 were completed by doing some Darkrai Raids in Area 2. Got my Shiny and Golded a couple of Gyms plus 1K GXP on some other not Gold ones.

Should have another 1 stay one soon from my Golf Game Good Friday. This is not on any of my regular target lists.



As I was hoping, this one was dropped into a Gym on my travels for a Golf Game Good Friday and has gone Gold in one sitting.
This was a new Gym as I was there in February and it was Pokestop.


I’m on 28, but haven’t really got in to it this year. Because of my xp grinding during the events with bonuses.

I’m going to pick up the pase soon. Hope to get more gold soon.


#390 & #391

Couple more completed Fri-Sat
Town 3 is now all totally Gold. #390 and last of 4 completed nearly a month later than the others.

#391 is the first of 6 in Town 10. 2 of the others were only needing 2-3 more days but lost one of those a few hours ago. 2 of them have been quick turn over each time I’ve put something in. Looking like they will be long slow grind to Gold. Another in Town 5 is going to be the same. Keep losing 1 of 2 that are 200m apart after 4-10hrs while the other stays in for days.


Got #88 gold today, this is a church in a residential area, my mon sometimes was able to stay there for more than one day. It’s not far from #86


#392 & #393

2 more Gold over last 2 days
#392 from Town 10 to be 2/6
#393 from Area 2 to be 22/30. This one has been a long Grind to get.

Quite a few new Gyms added locally in the last 5 days too. Need to re-jig my list and work out efficient order of attack.


Got #89 gold today, it’s a plaque located at an intersection of two roads, my mon has been there for more than one day by now (probably fewer people play on mother’s day). It’s not far from #88.


a few gold badges coming soon


#394, #395, #396, #397, #398 & #399


Got #90 gold today, this is a small church located next to a school, which is closed now due to the pandemic. I dropped my mon there yesterday and was kicked out within 2 hours, not enough to turn the gym gold. Today I dropped my mon there again, the gym turned gold right after that.

It’s not far from #84 and #87.


Got #91 gold today, it’s one of two gyms located in a shopping plaza, one Cranidos raid pushed it gold and got a hundo Cranidos from the raid, very good day :grinning:


Turned #111 Gold this morning.


Got #92 gold today, this is a mural in a small shopping plaza, different than the one where #91 is located, my mon was able to last more than one day before being kicked out this morning, it’s enough to turn it gold.

This is not far from #91.