How many gold gym badges do you have?


Got #81 gold today, this one is the first gold in an industrial area with not too many gyms, turnover rate is not as high compared to other areas, my mon is able to stay in the gym for more than one day most of the time I put it in


#359 & #360

Another 2 from Area 2 done to be 11/28 there.
One went Gold yesterday the other 5min ago after throwing fruit salad at it. These 2 are only 3 streets away from each other but 1 has been much harder with a lot more visits to gold than the other.
There’s a few in this area that are making very slow progress. Going to be hitting them for a lot longer yet.



Another in Area 2 Golded after a 3 1/2 day stay.
This one was hot property 3-4weeks ago and hard to get into or get much time once in.
12/28 with nothing else in that area real close.



So glad to be finally done with this one. Don’t know why but the 5 Gyms close to each other have been very popular with spoofer activity. I’ve got a file of near 2 dozen trainer names I’ve caught in action at these Gyms between the hours of 12 midnight and 4am in the last 6 months. They ply their filthy trade when less people play so not to get caught out. The joy of being a shift worker is I’m there to catch them at it.
2 more in spoofer alley to Gold, both under 7 days to go. Now 7/22 in Area 3


Got #82 gold today, this one is couple blocks from #81, turnover rate is also not high too, my mon is able to stay there for more than a day and still there as of now.


Got #83 gold the other day, it is a church at the border of the industrial area (not common) so the turnover rate is not high, most of the time the gym is not even fully occupied too.

Got #84 gold today, it is an ex raid gym in a small park which seems to be a little sketchy, I don’t think anyone will raid at the gym. My mon has been there for 8 days and counting (still there as of now), which is a record for me. I have been berry feeding it to speed up the gym badge process.

At this point those gyms in the industrial area are cleared for gold now.


#363 & #364

#364 completed in spoofer alley leaving one more to go needing 3-4 days. 8/22 Gold in Area 3.
#363 completed in Area 2 to be 13/28 Gold.

On a side note I confirmed one I suspected of being a spoofer plus 4 other accts belonging to them. While dropping my mom in one of the 2 gyms remaining in spoofer alley I saw the 2 gyms side by side in the distance on my screen were Red. I was in them before I left work 40min earlier. Click on Gym and got one that hadn’t even been a minute so drove straight over there.
Only one way in for access by car before a 100m walk. No cars spotted in park bay or seen on drove over. Walk to gyms and no one around.
Smashed the 5 accounts out of the first one and got half way through the second one and notice the one I took back was being battled.
Walked the range area to confirm no one hiding while finishing the other one. As suspected spoofers.
Over the next hour both gyms were taken back an forth. They tried GRazzing but failed as I burnt their berry allocation. Once I final total control I dropped all the big monsters from the family accts in. They had 4 attempts and gave up as I GRazzed on one battle. They don’t like fighting everything at full CP every round. Still had both Gums 10hrs later.



14/28 in Area 2 now after getting a 3 day stay in one.
After hitting it 3 nights in a row the last one in spoofer alley fell just short when it came back 2hrs ago.
I didn’t want to go there after work tonight but it looks like I will be as I want this one done so I can put the time into others.


Turned #109 this morning.


One for every day now, congrats!


#366, #367, #368 & #369

Spoofer alley all complete to be 9/22 in Area 3
Two gold in Area 2 to be 16/28
1 random from new Gyms over the last 4 months in previously completed areas to be 1/11.



Area 2 sees another gone Gold after 4 day stay to be 17/28.
This extended range thing might allow me to reach a couple of get out and walk to ones I was leaving to last after I’d finish other walk to ones.

4 of the remaining 5 in Area 1 are walk to and with the extra range I think 3 may now be reachable from a parked car.