How many gold gym badges do you have?






#349 & 350

Both of these were so close and full of own team dumping a few Berries on each was enough to get them over the line.

First one was Area 2 (6/28) taking 42 Berries.
Second was Area 3 (5/23) taking 118 Berries over 2x feeds.


5 gold badge for me. I think it’s nice to collect the badges it reminds the holidays and the places I visited :sunglasses:


Turned #106 Gold this morning.



One battle on a 2000cp Snorlax was enough to finish this one off. Town 2 is now completes 7/7.
I’ve got 4 more that have roughly 1-2 days of in time to go and another 4 between 2-5 days. Currently I’m only in 1 of those but that will change in about 4hrs :grinning:


#352 - #353 - #354

First one to go Gold was the one I was in. This one Is just out of game view from home that only appeared in game a few weeks ago.

The other 2 are both from Area 2 and only required the battles, placement, less than 8 hours in time and a few Berries to get across the line. Now 8/28 there.


Turned #107 Gold this morning.



Droped one in vacant spots while waiting for Pizza for dinner last night in the big town 10min down the road.
Town had 28 Gyms end of last year. Now it has 36. I’m now 15/36 and taking my time with the others as it’s good to have some not Gold so close for when I don’t feel like driving 30-40mins to do Gyms.