How many gold gym badges do you have?


Are you an urban or something?


All of these are at parks


Kind of. I live in the agglomeration of Rotterdam and The Hague.




Finished off a few over the last week that were getting close while starting work on a whole new set.
It might take a week or two before completing more as a few are taking a lot of work to grind up and I’ll be quite glad when I’m done with them.

Up to 87 now.


Got another gold badge today and I’m really close on 4 others. Up to 29 now.


Got #30 today. Went to a bunch of gyms I don’t normally go to.


Myself and a fellow Mystic are now racing each other to 100.
As of Monday he was 3 behind me on 88. Ive been hitting twice as many Gyms a day as what I normally do to move some along that I was taking my time on. While the fighting event is on the double Gym points giving 2000pts for every Raid is helping. Completed 3 more off today and glad one of those is done as it was slow going.

Now sitting on 94 and looking at the collection I see I will most likely complete another 5 by the end of the weekend if I hit them hard and get 1-2 Raids in. Cant decide which one will be number 6 that needs a lot more effort.


just got my 37th last night, have 2-3 more that are close.


I’m at 31 now. Just noticed my daughter has 32!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I reached the 100 Gold Badges that weekend and won the race to the Ton. I don’t think he’s got there yet still.
Started work on a heap of new ones as well as revisited some just Silver Some progressing well, others will be a grind.
Now on 104.


We have a guy like you in our city. Hes close to 100% coverage gold badges. The funny thing is, i aim to get new gyms in places that dont have many yet via Ingress, and those places are a bit spread out. We got 3 new gyms in the last 10 days wich are all kilometers apart. So now he has to go all trough the city for just those 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


I should do an exact count but at a guess I still have 30-40 Gyms between home and work that aren’t much out of my way to do before and after work. I can think of 20 in a few secs. A new one went up just out of shot on my screen from home. I can see the PokeStop at the shops and the new Gym is another 100m down from that :grinning:


I’m at 32 Gold Gym badges now.


33 now


34 now


I am at 13 golden gym badges now


Number 107 clicked over 7 days ago. That Pokémon is still in the same Gym and has been on minimum health for the last 3 weeks :grinning: (small country town 1 Gym).
I’ve got 15 roughly half way through Silver to Gold. Concentrating mostly on the hardest one of that group as I can’t get more than 2 hours in the Gym before it gets booted. Might be a week or 2 before the next few go Gold.



6 almost 10. 1 am about 5 berries and 1 hour off getting a gold gym badge for my ex raid gym in my town 29 mins away