How many gold gym badges do you have?


I only have 4-5 places between where I work and live to turn gold. I’ll still work them, but I’ll never get to 300 like you


Another Train Station one finally completed. Think I’ve mentioned how much more hard work these are. I’ve got another on the same line much further down that’s also under 7 days now. That leaves 2 more on this line and I haven’t started on either of them yet. Lucky there’s many months worth of Gyms for me to do in this area 45min drive from home.
A couple of Counrty town ones are getting close now too. Lost 1 of 2 over night so a return trip on Sunday to put it back in is on the cards. I should have lost a few more of last nights 15 by then to make the trip worth while to do some of the others in the other towns.


#322 & #323

Both of these went Gold in Town #4 over the last 2 days.
One got booted yesterday morning so I went back last night with a plan to hit Town #2&3 as they are on the way. Unfortunately towns 2&3 Gyms were all full of my own colour.

Gold progress in the 4 towns as follows.
Town #1 - 1/5
Town #2 - 3/7
Town #3 - 1/4
Town #4 - 2/2
I went for a recon drive last weekend to check out the towns on a return loop trip going 2 different ways.
Town #5 - 0/3
Town #6 - 0/5
Town #7 - 0/2
Town #8 - 0/2


Got #68 gold today after Mewtwo raid, this ex gym is located in a small park in a residential area, not far from #66


Yeah I’m a long way from #103



This was 1 of 2 new Gyms appeared in the last 6-8 weeks in an area I had only just finished with weeks prior to them changing from stops to Gyms.

Ive broken the place where we as a Family go to work over Friday or Saturday nights into 3 areas.

Area 1- has 29 Gyms with 4 new ones appearing 1 at a time over the last 4 weeks. We are 19/29 with 3 getting close to Gold.

Area 2 - has 26 Gyms. The ones here are top ups to Max out the full 20 so progress is slow. We are 1/26 Gold with nothing close.

Area 3 - has 23 Gyms. We normally do 4-5 here before we hit Area 1. Half we haven’t even touched yet. 3-4 are now under 7 days to go. We are 1/24 Gold.





Another Train Station done. Now 20/29 in Area 1
Started work on 15 new ones never visited before in and around the 2 nests I’m currently farming.
I’ll most likely to only make progress on these if there’s something I want to farm at the nest.
I need to get a move on if I’m going to make 350 by end of year.



Another from area 1 done making it 21/29.
Glad to finally complete this one as for some strange reason this one and another very close to it have always been popular with spoofers.
Have caught a few in the act at 3-4am when they think they’re not going to get caught at it.
The other ones got a few more days to go so that will be weeks as we only hit it once a week on a Friday or Saturday.


These are me two gold badges. I have many silver ones but, look at this one in particular gym doesn’t it seem crazy I’m not gold yet? Bullsh*t if you ask me!


And is the hold around the badge ever going to connect? I can still earn “badge points” on my gold gyms so I’m wondering is it not like fully gold yet cuz There’s still more gold to be earned? Idk either way that weird gap drives my ocd BANANAS!





This ones not from any of the areas I’m currently working on but one near my Parents house.
Had to stop in and visit the other day. One of the 2 Gyms had spot available so I dropped one in. 2 days was enough to see it go Gold. Still need 5-7 days in the other I think.
I’ve one from Area 1 that may get there by morning but not hopeful as I expect it to get hit tonight. I was in there twice last night after work.
Did the furtherest point ones first. While I was smashing a spoofer out of 5 others before going home I saw the notification it had been hit so I went back and took it again along with 2 others down there that were hit also. Unlikely to be spoofer as only ever see the name i was battling in the other area.


#328, #329 & #330

3 more gone Gold over 2 days.
1 from Area1 to be 22/29 and 2 from Area3 to be 3/23
Nothing else coming under 7days at this stage.
I have a lot that are between halfway Silver and 7 days to go and I’m always making a start on new ones.


Got #69 overnight, this is one ex gym in a park which closes after sunset, then those who do air support take over gyms every nights, so it takes much longer to turn it gold.


We have 2 Botanical Gardens that are like that.
Both are not on my radar to turn Gold any time soon. I’ve got bronze badges in 1 and and the other I haven’t visited yet.



1 more from Area1 gone Gold to be 23/29.
I said I had nothing under 7 days but I didn’t realise 2 hadn’t updated their badge status since they were put in. The other fell just short when it got booted today.


Got #70 today, this is also an ex raid gym in the same park as #69. After a raid there it did not turn gold, might as well took it over and put my mon there. After couple hours it turned gold.



Another gone Gold that wasn’t in any of the areas being worked on or under the 7days in time.
This ones at an exclusive Golf Course that I played at 10days ago. I’ve dumped 700 Berries into that one which has got it over the line. Every 100 Berries is close to 1 less day of in time required.


#333 & #334

One more from area 1 to be 24/29
One’s progressing well, 2 are going very slowly only getting 4-12hr stays and the remaining 2 haven’t been started yet.

Finally got a second one finished in area 2 to be 2/26. Turn over rates are higher in this area. Stepping up hitting more here with less to do in area 1.

No chance of reaching my stretch target of 350 by end of year. 340 might still be possible if I do some Raids on a few. I’ve been really slack with Raiding over the last 2 months. I don’t even bother to do the 1 Free one a day lately.


Just turned #103 Gold.