How many gold gym badges do you have?


I haven’t been at that gym that much lol. Not a lot of raids at that gym, and it’s a bit out of my route.


For me it’s even a bit more of the route, lol. I have to drive half an hour to get to that gym. :wink:


Turned #’s 97 and 98 Gold this morning.


Got 2 more gold.

#65 - this is a restaurant so turnover rate is high, my mon stayed there for several hours and it turned gold, area cleared.

#66 - this is a church, I was battling the gym and it turned gold, might as well tookover the gym.


#316 & #317

Two of seven in small country town #2 went Gold over night. 4-5 return re-takes required for these two. The others in the town are taking a bit more time as as they are lot more easily accessible and it can be 2-5 days before I go back to re-take.

Atm I’m working over 4 small towns. Furtherest one is 45min one way from home and has a great quad stop for luring.
Town #1 has 5 Gyms
Currently 1/5 Gold and in 1/4 of remaining

Town #2 has 7 Gyms
Currently 2/7 Gold and in 4/5 remaining

Town #3 has 4 Gyms
Currently 1/4 Gold and in 3/3 remaining

Town #4 has 2 Gyms
Currently 0/2 Gold and in 2/2 atm.

I’ve set myself a stretch target of getting to 350 by end of year. 340 might be more realistic though.


Got #67 today, I have been working in this for quite a while, it is on the roadside of a main road, so the turnover rate is high and usually my mon returns around night time. I was able to put in the last slot right after a costume Squirtle raid ended and feed some berries and it turned gold.



New Gym 4 weeks ago a couple mins from home is now Gold.


Turned #99 Gold this morning.


Gold: 18
Silver: 29
Bronze: 50
No color: 304 (Thank you Japan)
Total: 401


You got a special or significant Gym picked out to be #100?


I’m picking up my daughter 2 states away tomorrow and I have one over there that will turn as soon as a put a monster in it. Just hope it isn’t already full when I get there, or I’ll have to wait another month.



Number 3 of 7 in Town #2 has just gone Gold.
Thats the last one in that town not reachable from a parked car.
Fair bit of work to go on the other 4
Nothing else real close


Or feed 10 berries


Turned #100 Gold this evening. Had to feed it more berries than I thought.


Nice work.
Big milestone getting to 100 Gold. Something in game to be proud of.


Yeah, I’m running low on gyms now to turn.


Just turned #101 and #102 Gold this afternoon


41 so far. Pretty much cornered my part of the city with gold gyms.


This is the 1 gym in my town, I’m not Gold at yet. (That’s my TTar)


Had done a little bit of work here and there on this one over a long period of time.
Got word a month back back that the PIO was likely to be moved to a completely new location before year end. It had already been move about 400m over 6 months ago. The Gym location was moved with the POI last time but I wasn’t going to take that chance this time so it became priority 1 Gym.
Have had a few GRazz battles both taking it back and holding as well as dealing with a rise in spoofer activity in the area.
It’s the first Gold of close to 20 Gyms in the area of which 1/2 are into the early stages of Silver.