How many gold gym badges do you have?


The new Gym a few weeks ago behind work was Golded over night.


Got my #60 gold today, my mon was able to stay there for more than one day to turn it gold.


#311 & 312
One completes an area off finally.
The other was #2 of 3 only 3-4min from home that we’re new earlier in the year. The 3rd one is a long way off as I’ll only do that one in daylight hours because of where it’s located on a track with only 2 entry/exit points in a rough area.


Another in the area 40 mins from home went Gold after a feed of berries.
Nothing close down there for a while now. Been spreading the work load over a wider range down there in more hot contested areas.


Turned #94 Gold this morning.


Pokestop changed to Gym 2mins from home over the weekend.
Been in it since Monday night :grinning:


Wow, that’s very lucky


Turned #95 Gold this morning.


Got 2 more gold gyms today, first time this happened.

#61 - take the gym down, put my mon there and feed couple berries, after a while, it turns gold.

#62 - did an Alolan Raichu raid and feed couple berries after the raid, it turns gold. This one is in the middle of a residential area but somehow the turnover rate is not too high, maybe people living there don’t play much.


Turned #96 Gold this morning.


Number 33


2 more gyms turn gold overnight

#63 - this one has relatively low turnover rate compared to the others in the area, but my phone’s GPS is not good at this location most of the time, finally it turned gold after my mon stayed there overnight.

#64 - raided Mewtwo during its raid hour and put my mon there after raid hour, it stayed there overnight and the gym turned gold


I’m not even close to #97 yet


I’ve got nothing close atm.
I do have around 20 that are 7-15 days to go.
Only 2 of those are progressing well without much maintenance.


All of my silvers require maintenance. Some I have to take twice a day. They are between work and home, so I don’t bother with them on my days off.


I have around 30-40 Gyms I’m currently working on at various stages of the week depending on what way I go to work.
Found another new one that’s appeared in the last 2 weeks in an area I only just finished off a few weeks ago.


First of 4 in a small country town 15-20mins from home. Only had to put my Pokémon back in once after hitting it for the first time. I haven’t gone back for repeat visits on the other 3 until I’ve finished with the next town that has 7 Gyms 10mins on from this one.


1 of 4 in another Small Country Town went Gold over night.
3 return trips were required on this one. Still in 1 of the other 3 but all need considerably more time.


Number 34


You live there and I have it gold fatser then you? That gym badge looks familliar.