How many gold gym badges do you have?


Number 32 coming up!


Turned #90 Gold this morning. I’m a few weeks away from the next one though.


@NotanotherKangaskhan you have over 300 gold gym badges, and I haven’t even been to 300 gyms!


Still way more than me:






Turned #91 Gold this morning.


Nice work.
I’ve got 3 really close but I’ve avoided finishing them off as I’ve been starting on a new cluster. Once that cluster makes some progress I’ll go back and finish the others.
The Pokestop behind work turned into a Gym over the weekend. I’ll be smashing this real hard 4 times a day if I have to.


I totally overlooked this one in the area 40min from home. It’s wasn’t part of the close ones I mentioned above and thought I’d lost all the Gyms in that area Sunday.


I put 2 in out of the 3 that were close yesterday morning and by afternoon they were both Gold.


Turned #92 Gold this morning


Another in the area 40min from home over the weekend.
Started work on a whole heap of others in that area.

Did some work on some in the City before I watched my Local AFL League team get smashed. I’ve herd people say on local Discord it’s Spoofer central around the oval. Can confirm its true as I battled one Spoofer that has 3 accounts all named similar for over 45mins between 2 Gyms close together. They kept Gold razzing so I just kept going over and over to make them use as many as I could make them use knocking them out eventually each time. If I didn’t have to get to the game I could have stayed there as long as I needed to as it was all points on Gyms I hardly go near normally. I took the Gyms after the game and held them for 16 hours.