How many gold gym badges do you have?


Number 32 coming up!


Turned #90 Gold this morning. I’m a few weeks away from the next one though.


@NotanotherKangaskhan you have over 300 gold gym badges, and I haven’t even been to 300 gyms!


Still way more than me:






Turned #91 Gold this morning.


Nice work.
I’ve got 3 really close but I’ve avoided finishing them off as I’ve been starting on a new cluster. Once that cluster makes some progress I’ll go back and finish the others.
The Pokestop behind work turned into a Gym over the weekend. I’ll be smashing this real hard 4 times a day if I have to.


I totally overlooked this one in the area 40min from home. It’s wasn’t part of the close ones I mentioned above and thought I’d lost all the Gyms in that area Sunday.


I put 2 in out of the 3 that were close yesterday morning and by afternoon they were both Gold.


Turned #92 Gold this morning


Another in the area 40min from home over the weekend.
Started work on a whole heap of others in that area.

Did some work on some in the City before I watched my Local AFL League team get smashed. I’ve herd people say on local Discord it’s Spoofer central around the oval. Can confirm its true as I battled one Spoofer that has 3 accounts all named similar for over 45mins between 2 Gyms close together. They kept Gold razzing so I just kept going over and over to make them use as many as I could make them use knocking them out eventually each time. If I didn’t have to get to the game I could have stayed there as long as I needed to as it was all points on Gyms I hardly go near normally. I took the Gyms after the game and held them for 16 hours.


#306 & #307

One each at opposite ends to where I’ve been working on.
Only 1 left in #307 Area which is a quick high turn over Gym so that will take a lot of work.
A new Gym has also appeared in the last week in the area I finished off only 2 months ago.


First of the 3 new ones 2 months ago 2-3min from home. Number 2 is not far behind and number 3 is a long way off as it’s a get and walk 200m from where you can park and is not very safe to do in the dark.
I’ve got another that’s so close but I can’t get back in. Every day this week I’ve driven past it to and from work but it’s full of my team with black hearts.


Been waiting 1 1/2 weeks to get back in this one to finish it off. Today was the day it had some spots open. 4hrs 20min in and 45 Berries and it was gold.
This is an unusual gym in that it gets battled heaps by people while sitting in cars waiting at the traffic lights. Things get knocked out and then replaced by someone else doing drive by drops.
That’s why it’s hard to get into and the names keep changing while not changing over colours.
The closest you can park to it is around 50m away. I’m the mug that parks and walks to it.


Just came back from Japan. Visited 218 new gyms.
21 I got to bronze. 1 gym was close to bronze. There is such an active community. No matter what the time is.

It is rare to get to bronze without being kicked out once or twice. I didn’t stay long enough in the same city to get a gym to silver. One got close because it was one in bear territory and not many people wanted to hug a moody black bear…


Turned #93 Gold this morning.


Your closing in on that 100.
Got a specific Gym in mind for that one?

I played golf an hour north of home out in the Country Sunday.
This has me traveling through 4 county towns with a total of 17 Gyms. I worked all the ones not my colour over. All but 1 were returned in 1-3 days. The closest town has 7 and is an hour from work. I went back Tuesday night and hit it again along with another small town before it that has 5 Gyms.


Still got a ways to go before 100.


The total’s 14 now.