How many gold gym badges do you have?


#292 & #293
Another one in each area Gold overnight.
Only have one more that’s real close but that’s a very high turn over Gym and 40min away so that could be several visits away from going Gold. The next small grouping is 4-7 days away and have only just started working on 6-8 new ones.


Turned #85 gold tonight.


Turned #86 gold tonight.


Turned #87 Gold this morning to complete my town. Now I’m going to focus my efforts on town south of me that has 3 new gyms.


I got 3 More that I am working on After that I will have a gold badges from my whole town


First time ever I have whole town gold. I was right on the cusp of doing it before and we got 4 new gyms.


That sounds familiar. :joy: But for now I have the whole town/village gold. Including the 3 newest gyms. As soon as they place a new one it’s mine untill it gets gold. :stuck_out_tongue:


One more in the area to and from work.
Only 4 more to finish the area. 2 are 3/4 the way there and the others have 90-95% to go.


Got #59 gold, it’s couple blocks from #58, but this is a church with high daily turn over rate


Got this one done in 13 1/2 Days of in time.
1 Raid
Battled 5 times.
Put one in 5 times
1030 Berries
3 More to go to complete the area.


This ones been a long time in the Golding. It’s in the area 40mins from home and things don’t last long in this one or its twin 20m alongside it.
It’s not uncommon to take it back 2-3 times when we are playing down there on weekends.
Mrs Kanga will be pleased when we don’t have to park near it again as it’s the one where she tripped on a raised Paving Stone face planting chipping a tooth and dislocating her shoulder walking back from the toilet December 2017.
I still remember it clearly. Saw her walking back, looked down at phone. When I looked up she was just getting up crying and grazed on her face. I shot out the car looking for who bashed her.


With this one done it only leaves 2 left on the route to and from work then it will be time to change the roads I take to incorporate new ones.


Closing in on the Big 300.
This is the first of 6 Gyms out past home in the opposite direction I go to work.
I’ve been putting a little time into these bit by bit and have ramped up the presence in between doing the ones in the area 40mins from home on weekends.


This one is in the town 10mins from home and the last Gym I work over in addition to the 6 I listed with #298 before I turn around and head back home. There’s 27 Gyms in that town and I’m 14/27 Gold. Once the cold rainy days are gone and it warms up I’ll spend a fair amount of time there on the push bike again and work on finishing them off. Most are around the 1/2 way to Gold mark currently.




The milestone one was in the area past home I’m doing on the way home from work and 2/6.
The new one was in the area 40min from home we do on Friday nights/weekends. Just dropping one in was enough to turn it Gold it was that close.


I have 4 gold gym badges.


Turned #88 Gold tonight.


I got 14 and 3 more I need to turn gold in my town


Turned #89 Gold this morning.