How many gold gym badges do you have?


Finished this off with a big feed off 100 Berries while playing in another area.


I got one that I might turn tomorrow or Monday. But rest are more than a few days off.


Got #58 gold, it’s the first gold in an area I have been working on for a while, since as always gyms turn over rate is high.


Turned #82 Gold this morning.


Got this a few days ago.


Your first?


No, it’s my 11th.


It Will take a while to make these gold… but we have the summer holidays in about two weeks


Turned #83 and #84 Gold this morning.


Smashing them out now


Got long way to go for #85, but I’m working on it.


#283 & #284
2 more down in the area 40mins from home with another very close. The best grouping is 4-7 days away and the ones on the way to and from work are progressing slowly.


Just checked on that close one and it’s gone Gold.
Time to start work on some others in the area :grinning:


I haven’t even visited 285 :rofl:

Nice work.


Been slack not working any Gyms over last 2 days. Yesterday I was sick and today I had no time on way to work. Lost all but 1 of the 19 space I can play with with (1 is stuck long term in a very remote spot). Much to my surprise one of those 19 had turned Gold when it came back today.
Will hit it hard tonight after work and load up again:smile:


Another one down in the area 40min from home.
That’s 11 of the 26 in that area now. A couple that are closing in on Gold and some I will just get started on this weekend :grinning:


Just got another one (which is I think number 12):


:thinking: 2 more weeks, I should have 3 new gold gym badges


#288 & #289
2 more overnight. First one was the last one in an area I was doing late last year and only accessible in daylight hours so it was a slow burn to complete.
The other is in the area I’m doing to and from work. Think I’ve started wearing down the locals as they have stopped retaking after a short period of time and no longer leave their best/biggest Pokémon in or hit back on every single gym.


#290 & #291
2 more went Gold today.
1 in the area 40min from home and another on the work route. Only 5 left on the work route.