How many gold gym badges do you have?


Got #67 gold this afternoon


Got #68 gold tonight.


Got #69 gold just after midnight


This will be #70, but I’m still 5-6 days away.


Number 10 seems to have clicked over either yesterday or two days ago.


31, almost 32 (my Pokemon was kicked out maybe an hour before I could get the gold badge).


Gold: 31
Silver: 59
Bronze: 179
Blanco: 221




What is that


When you look at what gyms you are defending, press that button in lower left corner. It shows all the gyms you visited in the country


Oh okay cool


*World :wink:


2 more from the same area. One on Friday night and the other an hour ago.

For those that may not be aware. The in game Gyms doesn’t go past 1000 stored on your device. Once you reach 1000 the oldest visited start dropping off. You can get it to count past 1000 but if you restart the game it will revert back to 1000.


I guess I don’t really need to worry too much because I’m only at 219. I took new gym yesterday.


Gold: 12 (nr 12 is the one, that one i was waiting for)
Silver: 25
Bronze 20
No color 76
Total: 133


Couldn’t get a spot in the Gym this morning but 60 Berries and a Raid was enough to finish it off.
Only 2 more to go in this area and I’m done with it.
Not sure if I’ve mentioned previously above but a new Gym appeared only a few 100m from home. I got 2 days of un-interrupted in time before others discovered it was there. Having to put my self back in 1-2 times a days.
Also found 3 more new ones close to home in an area I only just finished the last one off 2 weeks ago :roll_eyes:


Taken gym that should be 70 twice today. The other ones in my town probably 3 times. Our town is ruthless,


Got #56 gold the other day, it’s in the same area of my #55 gold


I did have one more gym to go in our town it had about two weeks left before it became gold but now they put two new ones so now I have three