How many gold gym badges do you have?


My number is 9 now!


2 after my blissy finally dies probably 3 I only get gold badge @ Ex Locations




I have 7 and they are the only ones in a 10k radius of my house,I’m in a rural area.i have others thats silver but they all are a car ride away.




Got back to few that I’d left alone for a while while starting on new ones.


Finished some new ones quickly and got back to an old one not touched for a while as it was always full of my own colour.

Up to 80 now.

Have 6 more that only need 5-6 more days of occupation or some Raids to fast track them. 3 have been hard work grinding them over a long period of time.


I got 27. That is fine for me.


I have 3 now and I nearly have another one


@alex9945 Me too. @NotanotherKangaskhan This is getting ridiculous.


Why is that ridiculous?
There are a lot of Gyms between where I live and where I work.
Without counting every single one, at a guess I’m not sure I’m even 1/2 way to Golding all of them.


It’s not. I still only have 27 but I got a whole bunch near where I work closer to gold this week. Not sure previous posts actually know how much work it is to get a gold gym badge.


Some of that 80 have been very hard work and have been done over 4-5 months to get the hours/points up.
Sometimes when I’m serious about trying to finish one off I’ll drive back to a Gym numerous times to take it back (this is mostly weekends when I can do that). I’ll often hit others or new ones along the way to make the trip worth while.
My weekend Raiding is focused on Ex Eligable Gyms and ones that I’m not Gold on. 1000 points for each Raid regardless of level is a fast track way to Gold some where the Gym is being disputed by some one trying to do exactly the same as I am.


I should have over 30 next week if I can take the ones near work each morning. What sucks about where I work is my team has already put 6 monsters in each gym before I get there. I’m stuck just knocking out the other 2 colors before I go inside.




I have got 10 ATM


Number 83 ticked over tonight after some berry feeding.


I’m officially at 28, but very close at 5 others.




I just have got two more