How many gold gym badges do you have?


246 was the last of 6 in a small county town 30min from home.
247 was a funny one as I got 2 long stays as it’s a good 300m walk on a walking track in a park from the nearest point to park a car so out of the way for the lazy players. Only 4-5 days from Golding and I start getting booted every day. Timing of Easter couldn’t be better as I got on bike and rode the trail 3 days taking that one plus 2 others every day making taking it back very easy.
The other 2 need a lot more days but are progressing very well now.


Another fickle one with some stays of 1-2 days and other times having to return every day or several times a day to take it back. Also restricted as to when I could get at it as it’s behind locked gates from Midnight to 10am normally.
Only 2 left in this area now.


Finally turned #61 yesterday.


5 gold badge for me. I think it’s nice to collect the badges it reminds the holidays and the places I visited :sunglasses:

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Got #54 gold today, this one is pretty new gym that was converted from a pokestop not long ago and gets flipped a lot, very often only about 2 hours staying.


First of the 2 was fished off without having to put much effort in after a 9 day stay to finish it off.
The 2nd one required a lot more work having to hit it twice a day on the way to and from work.
Amusing that it only took about 150 GXP to get it to finally turn Gold then it stayed in for a day and a half. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Found another hopeful long stay one on the weekend. Longest one in was 208 days and shortest 45 days.


Another re-visited one finished off after leaving it alone for a few months.
Started work on a whole lot of new ones spread out over a few areas. Few days in one area then a hit another for a few to test how long they stay in for. Chopping and changing it around atm. Got couple more that a real close.


Turned #62 gold this afternoon.


Finally got this one finished off after leaving it alone for a while. I’m in the areas doing others atm.
Did a count and I’ve got 87 Silver Badges in various states of close to Gold and just Silver.


Gold: 9 (nr 9 is not the planed one, that one is still waiting)
Silver: 25
Bronze 12
No color 63
Total: 109

Nr 10 still depend on others to clear it so I can jump in. It’s STILL close.
7 others are above 50%


It looks like not many trainers are playing this aspect of the game.


I’ve chipped away at my hometown and I have less than 10 I still need to turn gold.


32 so far. Got one unexpectedly.


I got 15 to turn gold, but have a lot more within walking distance. If they are done, than it’s time to go on a bike to go walking on an other place. And I play Ingress sometimes. Just to go and fill in the empty places on the map. And we have a lot area’s where stops and gyms could be placed. I think I can fit in 30 stops and 10 gyms, maybe more.


Another one where the possessive nut jobs play.
Only 3 more to go and I’m completely done with that area unless a new Gym is added like the one I just finished was only 3 months ago.


Number 30


2 More gone Gold over the last 5 days.
The first one I had to go back to 5 days in a row to get it to Gold on Thursday night. 5 days days since Golding and its still in there now with Black heart all that time :roll_eyes:
The other one was a finally finish it off after not touching it for months. 1 Raid and 2 return trips and a bucket load of Fruit Salad. Several days of rain helped keep this one un-touched as its a 400m walk one way on a trail from parked Car and no shelter near the Gym.


You just put your mon in the gym once and get that gold badge, nice!


2 more completed over night.
Only a few trips required to re-take these ones along the way.


Number 31 tickets over 24 h ago. Forgot to post it