How many gold gym badges do you have?


Pleasant surprise this one. Hadn’t checked it for a few days and didn’t realise how close it was getting until I did a Raid on it yesterday. Went Gold overnight.
I’ve still got the one in the Winery of the well regarded Wine Label that went Gold over a week ago now. 5 return trips over 4 days to get it to Gold and it’s been black hearts for over a week now since going Gold. Amusing as it is frustrating. Got a couple of the other drop and stay Gyms back so good to have the spaces back to play with. Only have 4 in total I want back now.


Gold: 6 (1 or 2 will be gold in a few days)
Silver: 27
Bronze 13
No color 58
Total: 104


80 gold, one more super close and 4 more that will take a week or two. After that I’ll have to start traveling if I want more


Another quick turn over Gym finally done and dusted after 8 weeks of making regular visits.
I’ve got another that’s worse for flipping than this one that I’m working over real hard atm.


Finally got back in this one 2 nights ago.


The one that was a lot more work went Gold this morning. No more having to constantly return to boot Soccer Moms that play a little bit of Pokémon when dropping little Jonny off at training.


Been working on a new batch where I live but probably won’t turn any gold until next week


One gym, almost gold, filled and I can’t get in because it is full… 3 days now… :man_facepalming:


Was really close to #61, but got knocked out already. Maybe get it next week.


This Gym is in an area where I got 3 of my first 5 Gold Gyms. This one lagged a long way behind in progression than the others so left it when I started working new areas over. The area I’m working over hard now is close to this old one so thought I would finish it off. There’s 4 new ones that weren’t previously there before so they are in the sights as soon as a couple others are finished and I’m completely done with those areas.


I got only 3 badges.


No story with this one. Just your run of the mill put one back in regularly with a couple of Raids.
Only 3 left in the area all with a bit a work to do. Ones locked behind gates at night so that will be my new Berry dump Gym.


Hoarder :wink::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gold: 7
Silver: 26
Bronze 13
No color 58
Total: 104

1 will be gold in a day. An other has 2d 6h on the clock but I’m not reaching that until Thursday. Hope it is my team, because I don’t have the time to clear it on my way to work. 4 silvers who are next are halfway or a little closer.


Got booted from it at 23:30 last night. Took it back at 06:00 on the way to work. Battle, placement and 2hrs in time was enough to turn it to Gold.


I went a different way to work to work on some other gyms


Another that had been left alone for a while finished off.
3 more in this area and I’m completely done with it. Slowly picking one off at a time. It’s become a little easier as the Nut Jobs from my own team have relaxed a little and I can get a spot occasionally as more Red and Yellow get a bit of time now.


Been working on a bunch I’m not Gold at yet this week, but not close on any of them yet.


Gold: 8
Silver: 25
Bronze 12
No color 61
Total: 106

Nr 9 still depend on others to clear it so I can jump in. It’s close.


Got my #53 today after battling two yellow back and forth for several days