How many gold gym badges do you have?


Just got #59


2 more Gold over Friday and Saturday night. One very slow grind one and the other not as slow.
2 more are real close. One near home and the other the Red pest keeps trying on. Up to 1100 Berries on that one now.


Got #51 today after a Giratina raid, such gym got flipped between teams very often




One more over night and the other on the way home from work that would have been Gold around lunch time if it hadn’t been kicked out at 8am after being put in at 5am.
Hoping to add another 2 that are close by tomorrow then it might be a few days before another group start getting close.


The 2 close ones went Gold in the last 2hrs.
One is 1 of 2 at either end of a Park and the much harder one to get near from a Car so got some good stays of 3-4 days in that one. The one at the other I’ve got another 1-2 weeks of working over if it goes the same way it has been flipping constantly. I caught a Shinx Raid on it this morning with 40sec to go. Nothing like 1000 GXP to help push things along.
The other was another of my Country ones at a small Winery that makes some world class and highly regarded Wines. This one was a funny one in that I’d get 4-5 days then it would only get 1 or 1/2 a Day before getting another 4-5 days.
Must have been getting hit by Neck Beards on their Wine and Cheese tasting tours :rofl::rofl:


Forgot to post this at the time it went Gold
This is Gold Gym #233
Every spare Berry was being thrown at this to Gold as quick as possible as the POI is not longer there. Only 1 Raid was done on the Gym.
This one changed from a Poke Stop to a Gym only 5 weeks ago.



I’m really close on #60 and should have it today or tomorrow. I’ve already been knocked out of the gym last night and today already but I plan to return this afternoon.


Got #60 this morning


#50 last night. I dont really seek out new gyms anymore to turn gold. This one was new and pretty close to home.


Still on seven, but I am nog really trying to get Golden Gym Badges. Six are close to gold though.


Got #52 after my mon stayed there for more than a day, which is rare.

Just a side question: do we get more rewards from raid at the gold gyms?


@Mew1 No, you only get more items and XP when you spin it. No other rewards.


The last one of 2 close to home went Gold yesterday afternoon.
The Red and Yellow Gym swappers might be happy they can go back to their coasy little arrangement now without me messing things up. I’ll drop in from time to time to remind them of the good times.

It will only be the odd one here and there for a bit. The next cluster has a bit of work to go and a few in that cluster are requiring a lot of repeat return trips. Started work in a new area recently too.


I know more items are received from spinning a gold gym, I received about 22 items from raid at a silver gym and about 25 from a gold gym, so I was wondering if more items are received from RAID at gold gym.


I don’t think a Gold Gym has influence over Rewards from Raids.
I think I’ve read previously it increases % of capture though. Can’t say from my experience if I believe that or not?


Really? I hope so too. Gold gym should have more benefits than only giving out items when spinning


Ok… Once more then cause apparantly saying it once isnt enough:
@Mew1 No, you only get more items and XP when you spin it. No other rewards.

That means NO increased raid rewards. No increased catch rate. NOTHING except the XP and items from SPINNING the gym.




@Robdebobrob I knew that before you said it, no need to repeat this again, like I said previously, I was just curious to see if received more items from raid at my gold gym or if it’s just RNG. Let us get back to topic tho.