How many gold gym badges do you have?


two Will tick over in 48 hours. “Schoorsteen” is a new gym, it is here for less than three weeks




39 by now


“veld 23” golden gym badge 24 lol


It’s actually 202 now after 2 in the remote spot went Gold together last night and another I’ve being trying to get back in for the last 3 weeks went Gold after I did a Raid this morning.


Number 25


Stil just two gold ones. Got some new gyms. One is already silver.

Gold: 2
Silver: 20
Bronze 14
No color 53
Total: 89


204 now after one in a Country Town went Gold yesterday morning and another locally this morning.
I’m very happy to Gold the one this morning as I’ve been racing the Clock on this one as it’s days as a Gym are numbered since the feature to make it a Gym was removed 2-3 months ago now. This ones been hard work to get into as a couple of over possessive nut jobs my own team colour have polarized the local playing community with their playing conduct. Booting their own colour with alts to flip it for coins, filling it with own multiple accts every day even though they would be 10x Gold, dictate who they let stay in and change it within minutes as soon as any other colour takes it as 2 of them live almost on top of it.
I got lucky a few times getting something in between their change overs and then got stuck in there for 7 days with the Gym Error glitch. Raids and Berries at every opportunity was the only way I could push it across the line a quick as possible.
The majority in the area can’t wait for it to be removed from the game but sadly I’m not sure some of the bad blood that has been caused can be repaired as some no longer play in the area. It used to be one of the best organised weekend Raid Trains of all clours working together on weekends but not anymore.
My #194 that went Gold 2 weeks ago in the same suburb was gone from the game this morning upsetting heaps as it was only a new Gym 4 months ago and most hadn’t got to Gold it yet.


Just got my 40th gold today


Still at 52, but I’m actively working on some new ones.


Out of current 17 gyms I’m in right now, 5 of them are nearing gold.


Still 4


I got knocked out of the one I was closest to gold at. You can’t even see any space on the line that isn’t filled but I’m still silver. I’m planning on returning there tonight after scouts.


I is almost gold and could be gold tomorrow if I don’t have that damn spoofer kicking me out every 5 minutes.


I’m lucky I don’t have Spoofer problem in my hometown, but they are there where I work.


Got #53 tonight when I went back and took it down again.


Documented it with screenshots and reported him/her/them with all Niantic should need to figure it out. If nothing happens, I’ll film the spot when it happens again. I will get that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for cheating.


Spoofers where I work, I just move on to next gym. But where I live, we have great Discord and that would never fly. I’ve met most of my fellow players here and we pride ourselves for actually being at the raid. They love it when @Jaxxon8 shows up because he’s actually the age a Pokémon trainer is supposed to be.


Another 3 added taking the tally to 207
These 3 were Country Gyms 30min drive from home. One a drop in once only the other 2 a couple of return visits with some 4-5 days stays.
1 more to go in the story location then all can be revealed. That will go Gold this coming Sunday or Monday.
Started stepping up the presence in another area that I’ve paid the occasional visit to.


Turned #54 gold this morning.