How many gold gym badges do you have?


One turned Gold yesterday after battling the 6 out and placing mine in and another over night after getting back in it yesterday also.
Have story to tell about some new Gyms I’ve found but that will wait for a few weeks when they’ve gone Gold.
Tally up to 188 now


Number 189 just went Gold after a couple of Berries.
I’m hoping the pest that keeps hitting this Gym most nights around 11:30 knocks it down tonight so I’ve got the space for a new one tonight on the way home from work. I feel like going on a tear. I’ve got 3 must get back in but have space for a few more.

I’ve set myself the target of getting to 200 by end of February.

This goal is looking good


No tear up last night and the Pest never knocked the Gym down like I wanted.
Stopped another Pest that’s strongly suspected as being a Spoofer from taking a new hotly contested Gym. They turned the whole area Red last night including 2 Gyms where I was parked after an interaction with the Cops. I could see all around these 2 Gyms where you can reach them and could not see anyone there unless they were extremely crafty hiding up a tree or as thin as one of the tree trunks.

I got back in 4 and lost 3 again today so back I go again tonight as 2 only have 2-4 days to go, and if I don’t get interrupted by the Cops for Licence/Rego check and Breatho I’ll work a few more over. Pulled over 3 times last night :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Number 190 went Gold this morning after I put it back in on the way home from work in the wee small hours this morning.
Another will go Gold late tonight or tomorrow morning if it stays in. If it doesn’t the Gym will be mine again on the way home from work. I got the one I wanted back back today around midday in this stinking heat :open_mouth:
Might be time to ramp up the presence of the 2 close to home that I’ve left alone as I’ve had plenty of others to do. This should allow me to get a few others over the line or really close in the areas I travel through now so I can change my route to and from work so I can work over another area.


I’ve venture out and picked up some rural gyms and now I’m up to 72. Hoping for 74 in the next couple months (w new gyms in town).

I’m planning a road trip soon to try and snag a few more rural gyms so I can grow that number.

I thought I was a lock for another 4 gyms…they were all Valor and had been held for over 100 days…I dropped in and two days later they all flipped :confused:


Low traffic Rual Gyms are good when you find them or groups of them.
Found one the other week my colour with only 3 in it ranging from 90 to 53 days for the shortest term in. I put one in and 2 days later it came back :roll_eyes: Went back 3 days later and took it back and it’s been left alone since.

#191 as I mentioned in previous post clicked over on the way home from work. My next 2 closest to Gold are hard work ones that I haven’t been chasing so it may be a week or so for another group to start turning Gold.


#52 just turned gold this morning


21 Will tick over this night


That’s Twenty-one


I got another


So now I have 3


Number 22!


28 as of yesterday.


I got 26 but all gyms in my town I have them gold


38 by now


My 52 was legit a few days ago.


Right on bud


2 I dropped in the place I have the story to tell went Gold after their 21 days taking the total to 193. 3 others will be Gold this time next week and the 6th one was put in today so 3 weeks that will be Gold than the full story will be told.


Team rocket should get a gold badge for every time they battled the twerp

Team Rocket Day

Up to 199 after 6 more went Gold in the last 3 days.
3 on Monday and 3 this morning. In 3 more days 2 are almost guaranteed to go Gold. I’ve got one that only needs 1-2 days that I’ve been trying to get back into for the last 2 weeks but it’s always full of my colour and there’s never a Raid on it while I’m in the area.