How many gold gym badges do you have?


Feed some berries to make sure it turns gold be gore your mon gets kicked out


It’s only my Blissey still in there and it really isn’t hungry yet.


Then it’s not worth to berry it


Yeah, after midnight I’ll get 50 coins regardless. Got plenty of Max Revives if she gets knocked out.


Since you still have 12 left at this time of the day, no need to berry any of them


I have 3 left, 1 of them has stayed there for 2 days and 10+ hrs


23 minutes until midnight and I have 17 gyms left.


You can relax a little bit on gyms tomorrow


That is my plan. I need to take down my Christmas stuff tomorrow, and it will be better if I don’t have to spend a bunch of time taking down gyms.


Don’t wait for them to be hungry. If you have berries throw them.


One of my longest Grind Gyms finally went Gold today along with another last night for 180


#51 just turned gold this morning.


Got another 5 across the line with some Raids and a fruit orchard of Berries.
Total up to 185 now.
I’ve set myself the target of getting to 200 by end of February.


Got surprised by 186 this morning. Had been concentrating on a couple of others and didn’t realize this was getting close.


I only got the chance to take 2 gyms I’m not already gold at, and didn’t hold them very long.


Just finished with number 20


That was the last ex Raid gym in my area that had to be turned gold


Got my second last week, the next will take some time. That one is not even halfway silver.


38 gold so far


Gold: 2
Silver: 12
Bronze: 16
Blank: 54 (most of those are very far from my home. Just turning them once on a roadtrip or Holiday.)
Total: 84

Today some extra blanks will be turned. With a lot of luck I might get one Bronze, but I really don’t think I will.