How many gold gym badges do you have?


Number 165 went Gold today.
This is Gym at a place inbetween small towns. Only had to put a Pokémon in this one twice and everything’s been black hearts for 10 Days.
I might get to 170 by end of year as I’ve got more than enough that only need 2-5 days more. Get the odd Raid and few Berries should get them across the line in time.


Got #48 this morning


I have 2


You are saturated by gyms :grinning:


Closing in on some. (Don’t mind the second row, this website can’t handle that row lol)


2 more went Gold for 167


2 more clicked over in the 3 days for total of 169
170 by end of year not a problem now as I have 5 more with only 1-3 days require. 2 are harder to get back into as they tend to be full of my own team most of the time. Just need to be in the area at the right time when another colours had a go or a Raid.


If I go out after midnight tonight, I might get a couple more gold. But I don’t really feel like it.


2 more got enough hours take the tally to 171

1 more overnight for 172 now.


Closing in on number 19

30 hours left


Nineteen golden badges.


The last of a group that were progressing at a similar rate went Gold last night after a good Berry Feed for 173
Working on a new group now while chipping away at the 5 that have 3-5 more days required. I need to be in the right place at the right time with those as they flip frequently but a lot of the time it’s already full of my own team. I really need to spend a whole day or 2 in the area and Raid some of them to fast track the progress.


still 1, but enough silver ones. slowly they crawl toward Gold.


Little bit at time, just keep chipping away them.


Got #49 this morning.


Eight days since last update and I’ve added 5 more taking the total to 178. Felt good to finish one of that group off that was very slow grinding for quite a while. Another slow grind one in the same area is also 3-4 days away from completion.


3, with one beong the gym I go by around every day


Got #50 tonight and #51 is pending. I’m still holding it but it is still showing silver but should be gold any minute.


Got 37 gold so far, the 38th one should turn hold pretty soon, and the next batch will be a while


#51 is so close right now, I bet when I get knocked out, it will be gold.