How many gold gym badges do you have?


Got #73 today, this is the ex raid gym right next to #71. I was able to put my mon before Party Hat Wobbuffet raid and got a 98% regular from the raid. After several hours and berry feeding it turned gold.

This is the third gold gym that I did not battle in at all, only by raiding and putting my mon there. Total time defended in this gym is less than 4 days. This is a challenge I gave to myself.



My Gabite came back from Area 1 2days ago and hadn’t realised the Gym had turned Gold until today.
Discovered some new Gyms added recently in Areas 1 & 2 Saturday night.
Area 1 now has 30
Area 2 now has 28
A new one appeared just out of game screen site from home over the weekend and 2 others less than 5mins drive in areas I regularly play in the last 2 weeks also.


Got #74 today, this is a restaurant couple blocks away from #67. Its turn over rate is high because it’s a restaurant, so I have to do more raids there to advance the badge, time defended there is a bit less than 4 and half days.


#341 & #342

None of these are from the areas or country towns.
Both are part of cleaning up Gyms that were new after I had finished in the area.
341 was one I could only hit in daylight hours for safety concerns (rough area). Really happy to be done with this one.
The other was on one the several possible routes I can take to get to work.

Found the large country town 10min from home has 4 new Gyms taking it to 31. I’m only 14/31 there and have deliberately made it a slow burn when I need a change from other focus areas for a bit.
Have also made starts on around 20 randoms while nest farming.


Got #75 today, this gym has legal parking inside a high school parking lot, I have to legally park and work on the gym during school days. But others would still illegal park and take gyms at nights, weekend, and holidays.

Running out of gyms with legal and easily accessible parking in my city, might need to work further abit.


Turned #105 Gold last night.


35 gold badges! :medal_sports:


Got #76 gold today, this gym is at the entrance of the park that has #69 and #70, so it is not ex raid eligible. Took it over, put my mon there, feed some berries, after several hours it turned gold.


Got a few coming up


I see some badges even I have gold by almost not coming there. :joy:


#343, #344 & #345

Went out Friday and worked the towns over instead of going to our usual Friday night area.
343 and 344 from Town 2 didn’t need much work to complete off. Now completed 6 of 7 there with number 7 coming back 2 days before the other 2 or that may have made it as well.

345 was an opportunity drop in 2 weeks ago in a town where we always have lunch after my golf group’s annual Xmas Cup Golf game. We had to re-schedule that game for Jan due to the area in severe danger from bushfires. I’ve had a few very short stays and was expecting the same but have been pleasantly surprised with Gold.


Number 37


#346, #347 and # #348

First one was a very long grind from Area 1. Now sitting at 26/30 there.
Next 2 are from Town 3 after lasting a couple of days. Now sitting on 3/4 there with the 4th Gym on 6-7 days to go.
Town 2 is 6/7 with the 7th one so close a battle and drop in might be enough to get it done.
I drove out further (60-90min from home) and did some recon starting on a few more towns. Over half of them are still in after 4 days.






#349 & 350

Both of these were so close and full of own team dumping a few Berries on each was enough to get them over the line.

First one was Area 2 (6/28) taking 42 Berries.
Second was Area 3 (5/23) taking 118 Berries over 2x feeds.


5 gold badge for me. I think it’s nice to collect the badges it reminds the holidays and the places I visited :sunglasses:


Turned #106 Gold this morning.



One battle on a 2000cp Snorlax was enough to finish this one off. Town 2 is now completes 7/7.
I’ve got 4 more that have roughly 1-2 days of in time to go and another 4 between 2-5 days. Currently I’m only in 1 of those but that will change in about 4hrs :grinning:


#352 - #353 - #354

First one to go Gold was the one I was in. This one Is just out of game view from home that only appeared in game a few weeks ago.

The other 2 are both from Area 2 and only required the battles, placement, less than 8 hours in time and a few Berries to get across the line. Now 8/28 there.