How many gold gym badges do you have?


Well, this is pretty self explanatory. How much golden gym badges does everyone have?


I got three, because Niantic removed gyms in my town.


I’ve got one


I have 4 and i know someone with(dont faint/cry) 138







138!!! I have…wait for it… 2.


Is it possible for the Mods to merge these 2 threads.








I’ve 6, 4 of them are local, one is right outside where I work, and the other is beside the bus stop to work. I’ve one left in my town that’s out of the way for me so need to get that one.




138 is more than the number of gyms ive visited
I have 2 gold


I’ve still got plenty to work on spread out every where on my 3 different commute routes to and from work.
I’ve made it a point to not try and blanket gold all the Gyms in an area at the same time but stagger them out so I’ve always got a some I can work on at a time. A some point I do end up all Gold but there are still so many to work on. Just have to jump on them before fellow team members fill them up.
I’m also targeting Raids at ones I’m not Gold on over ones that I am. 1000 Gym Points for each Raid is an easy accumulator.
I’ve got one that’s silver and a 1/4 the way along from Raids only. The aim is to Gold it and be 0 Victories 0 Time Defended and 0 Treats. I can normally only access and Park close enough to the Gym on weekends as it’s a Car Park for a Train Station Platform.




Only 1, I’m close on 2 other gyms


Niiice :smirk:


24, been a while since i got a new one, but working on a lot. Once the weather gets better i’ll do more gymming and get a bunch more.