Ho-oh news discussion



what a rotten luck today, finally got a chance to face 2222cp hooh with 11 balls to catch it. and the best thing was, i encountered the dreaded error #26 after i throw my 6th poke balls. and the damn bird just vanish. i cannot went in to catch it anymore. each time i try to enter the same gym, it will go to the raid lobby count instead of going straight to ho oh screen.damn u niantic. my one and only encounter with perfect iv legendary after 378 attempts.


You cant come back into the lobby once you beat the boss tho


nope mate, i can’t mate,i reboot n even log in again but can’t. really bad luck


Does it show in your journal?
Would it be worth raising a ticket with Niantic with journal screen shot and discretion of what happened?
They might not credit you your perfect Ho back but you might get a couple of free Raid passes.


Well, im really lucky that i still didn’t came across that bug… even though i do legendary raids only on [illegal by niantic method i better not tell]


Sorry to hear that. My only decent one was 2213 and I had about the same story. Ended up my best was 91%.


I agree with you. In my place, there are only a few players. We can’t defeat them. And so… some of my team used 3rd party software. I’m so sad …